In the Works: Supersprox Sprockets 3

We recently took delivery of some Supersprox sprockets for our 2014 Yamaha's. Unless you are out of the know, you've probably heard of the sprocket specialty company before. While they make standard all-aluminum race sprockets (pictured on the right) in just about any size or color you can think of, Supersprox has gained more attention for being the first company to offer an aluminum/steel sprocket, called the Stealth.

The Stealth Sprocket is designed to provide the lightweight performance of aluminum and the strength and durability of steel. With aluminum as the center piece that mounts to the hub, the outer toothed ring is connected with a series of rivets. For anyone who is hard on sprockets, wants to save some money in the long run, or does a lot of off-road riding, these are an excellent fit.

We'll be spending the next couple of months trying our best to wear these things down. Keep an eye out for the review in our Product Guide.


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