Bring On The Custom Helmet Paint, Part 1 11

Everyone loves a good custom-painted helmet. Let's check out some of our favorites from the last decade or so.

Let's face it, everyone loves a good custom-painted helmet, and we've got some good ones coming up. In fact, we had so many this will probably be a three-part series.


Adam Cianciarulo from San Diego in '19.

Kyle Chisholm fired into the upper stratosphere with this one for the Space Force.

With his brother's gig as an Air Force pilot, Eli Tomac often supports them at the annual San Diego salute to the military.

We've also seen AP Designs do different themes for Eli.

These were for Jerry Robin (Maverick) and Justin Starling (Goose) at San Diego this year.

Charlitable Causes

A boatload of riders and companies did up helmets to be auctioned off to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital over the years. This one was for Kyle Cunningham at Nashville last year.

Bell Helmets and the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha guys also got in on it.


 Bradley Lionnet got to rock this one (sorry bad pun) for a Slayer colab in Denver last year.

Gared Steinke was also supposed to be on board, but if we remember correctly, he crashed out in practice.


Benny Bloss loves him some KC sports teams.

Fox and Shift killed it with this Jet's-themed gear last year at East Rutherford.

Chase Sexton.

Kyle Peters showing his love for the Carolina Panthers.

Shift also did this Padres-themed helmet (and matching gear) which Josh Hansen wore during press day at SD. If we understood correctly, this was done with spray cans.

Malcolm Stewart had this one in Oakland this year.

Justin Starling is a big Broncos fan, and had this one for Denver in '19;

Robbie Wageman had this helmet and matching bike in Phoenix.

Here's one for pigskin (and Stewart) fans.

Comic Book Heroes

Ryan Dungey took on the Captain America role more than once for Team USA, but maybe never as much when he and Ken Roczen had a Captain America vs. Ironman theme going on in Vegas a few years back.

Her's another look at Ryan's helmet.

Eli Tomac

With a healthy budget for custom paint at AP Designs and a willing sponsor with Bell, Eli Tomac has had a whole bunch of different looks over the years. The bald eagle theme is one that his dad also used, but this one went a very different direction.

There's a more traditional look for the eagle.

Then there's a whole different look.

Another Air Force lid.

Daytona has been good to Eli, and he's had a couple cool helmets from there.

Here was a nod to the "other" three.

We've seen some home state (and home team) themes.

We've also seen ones that included bigger pets.

Bell always does up championship helmets for their winning riders. Eli's got a few of these.

That'd make a nice piece for the trophy room, right?

A camo helmet on the dryer.

Josh Grant

Whether it was a factory ride, or as a privateer, Josh Grant always had some cool helmets.

In case you missed that number...

Tagger went big on the colors for this one. You can't miss it.

Justin Barcia

Justin has rocked a bunch of different looks over the years.

This one was spacey.

Yeah, we laughed.

How about a Vegas one?

This one popped for sure. Monster Energy Cup?

We'll be back soon with another installment in this series. In the meantime, which one's your favorite here?


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