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As of late, our plastic options have really opened up. For the most part you've been able to choose between your OEM colors, then black and white; but now things have expanded a bit more with flo colors, mix matching to other brand's colors, and some restyle kits. While these kits aren't for everyone, there's also riders that appreciate having a unique ride and this year Polisport has released something quite simple but unique indeed...clear plastic. The first time we saw this setup was actually at a KTM intro back in 2015 in Indiana and we almost forgot these existed until Polisport revived the idea for the public (they were the ones that made the original batch for KTM).

Not the greatest quality photo but this will give you an idea of what we saw nearly three years ago at KTM's intro.

So what can you do with a clear plastic kit? Well we asked ourselves that as the kit itself is interesting and eye-catching, but could you use it daily and even for racing? While we will be putting together a project bike in the near future with a kit, we had the chance to see what they look like with graphics on them at the EICMA show we visited in Italy just recently. 

This KTM 125 SX equipped with a clear polisport kit and graphics caught quite a bit of attention. While not as stand out as the unwrapped clear kit, it held just enough of its original look to garnish a lot of looks. Imagine what you could do with a good designer.

Obviously, Polisport has made this kit available for the KTM '16-18 SX, SX-F, XC and XC-F model ranges but have also gone after their next two most popular sellers, the newest iteration of the Honda CRF450R and CRF250R, along with their YZ125 and YZ250 kit which fits all the way back to their 2002 model. Below you'll find the part numbers listing and what each kit comes with.

For those that are wondering how it looks aboard the Honda, here's a view of the CRF450R equipped with the kit plus some of Polisports other offerings.

And for the two-stroke nuts out there, here's a quick peek at the YZ kit laid out.

Below is a 2018 KTM 250 SX-F which we trialled the look of our kit on and the one we plan to do a build with. What do you think we should do with the graphics? Clean and minimalistic or would you go full race kit on it?

What are your thoughts on the clear kits, would you rock one and if so what bike would you like to see one on?

If you're interested in a set, jump on over to to learn more.

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