2013 Husqvarna MX Models 5

Take your pick of the TC449, TC250R, or CR125.

The Red Head design, which debuted on the 2012 TC250, has spread throughout the Husky lineup, and will be found on all 250/310 engine platforms, including their off-road models.  The Red Head DOHC design includes a new F1-inspired lightweight piston, new cylinder and Keihin EFI, and the finger-follower valve-train of the Red Head replaces the previous shim-and- bucket design. New cams allow longer valve lift while larger-diameter valves get air and fuel moving quicker (titanium valves on TC models).

The TC449 returns for the 2013 model year, sporting shared changes to the Husqvarna lineup, including new all-black Domino grips, new bar pad and updated IPD (in-mold plastic design) graphics.

CR two-strokes return with black grips, handlebar pad, updated graphics and improved sticker quality. Husqvarna is proud to announce that the CR125 and WR125 two-strokes will once again come with a free 144cc top—end including cylinder and piston—269cc for the price of 125!

TC/CR Motocross/GP
• CR125 comes with 144cc top-end kit.
• TC250R upgraded to stronger WP radiator units.
• Keihin EFI on TC250R eliminates need for hot start lever.
• TC250R receives magnetic oil sump plug.
• Model year ‘13 changes include: black grips, handlebar pad, updated graphics and improved sticker quality.

Suggested retails:
2013 Husqvarna TC250R $7,199
2013 Husqvarna TC449 $7,999
2013 Husqvarna CR125 $6,299

For more info, visit www.husqvarna-motorcyclesna.com


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