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Thanks for the add!!!

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thanks for the add!

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Hey John great pics of your stuff I hope you have fun here.... Welcome.

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Who all is going and where are you sitting. I got lucky this year and a friend hooked us up with press box.

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New Bike
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2/6/2007 8:17 AM

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To watch wife swap tonight on channel 9 at 8:00pm eastern. It's the one with Justin Starlings mom.

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Thanks, I have heard that from other people also.

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I know I sound like a spode here but, where can you get the MDK wounder wart hog graphics? They are definitely sick.

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SAPPNIN!!! Thanks for adding me. smile

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Let us know how that track is. We have never been there.

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Thanks for the heads up, I had a friend in town keeping me busy! I did get to ride at least. How did Julia do? Do you guys ever ride Pax?