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not the one I was thinking about but it is the utopia girls. one I remember was a back side shot. but, what are you doing knowing about that pic

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I've been looking long and hard for Utopia girl pics that I know I saw once upon a time...anyone remember where they are?

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Ah, thanks. Did you shoot the pic? When's the Daytona pics coming....thats usually the highlight of my hangover!

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anyone see the picture/story (gibby's old mag I believe) on villopotos old dog getting run over by their water truck and they had a pic of his new dog, just a puppy at the time? know what kind of dog it is?

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This thread reminds me of why I don't waste nearly as much time as I used to reading what idiots like above have to say. Are you effin serious? wah wah wee wah

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