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I do not per-say have one Trey moment that stinks out, rather I am so pumped to see how he lives his life out and how good of a role model he is for younger kids. He is just a stand up kid, in an industry where there can be/are a lot of distractions, especially for young riders, he keeps he sight on whats important and lives out his faith!

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I agree with sfairbro, Roczen will beat Alessi, but i dont see him beating Shorty.

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Dude that is the best post ive read, ever. And I agree, my mom never really understood the whole things, even when she came to the races. She understands it better, but not fully. Riding/Racing is one of the best feelings ever. And I agree, there is ... more »

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Just went up on Racer X's Twitter account. Here the link to the article: Happy that he got a ride. Wonder where the leave CP377???

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Could also be Shift, seeing as they are owned by Fox and usually Shift riders wear Fox helmets.

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I have not read this months column, but his is the first thing i read when I get the new RX's.

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One of the best looking helmets ever. Thats sick!

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My whole family just switched to Gieco last month because they sponsored/are involved with racing. I think they get a nice return on their investment.

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DC and MX Sports did an amazing job again with the Nationals! Keep up with the great work guys!

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If Canard does win (which I hope does) I would love to see him get 41, only because of how it ties into his dad.

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Yes thank you, that commercial had to be put in there for the companies who pay money to have their commercials air during the program. Also, even through the graphic was in the way it was only up infront of the riders for maybe 3 seconds. I agree with ... more »

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Haha, shes actually 18 so cant make you guys feel like pervs, although that would have been funny! She told me to put this up after she saw this but, those are real. Haha

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So just thought id put up a nice little tid bit about the RacerX Fan of the week. Thats my sister, we seriously laughed our asses off the other night when we saw it on their home page. I was just over on Motonews looking at the ever popular "Frog's Friday ... more »

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Dang man, absolutely amazing photos!

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If you want some of the best Italian food ever go to Rose Buds. Ive had Italian food in alot of big cities, even Little Italy in NYC, and this place has the best food ever!

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Its been a long time since ive been this excited to go to a race. Been a couple years since ive been to an outdoor race. And yes, the weather couldnt be better for it!

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On the premise of why this thread was started, thats awesome! And I also think that it is cool, and shows the true character of Josh Hill, that he is still standing by a friend of his who had gone through hell, because we all know how easy it would be ... more »

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Thats what she said. lol