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Has anybody tried the race tech triple rate fork springs, was thinking of trying some in my 83 kx125?

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Hi Maxpower, any info or pics of your 83 kx shock, I am interested in getting one, have emailed noleen but no reply yet

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I might be interested in getting one made, they obviously have all the dimensions now, any pics?

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Is that a complete new shock or a modified stock shock?

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I have got a couple of pistons for the 74 KX if you need them, bought in mistake for my 75

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Looking good John, nice Robbie Herring replica

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Nice Yam what year is it

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I raced an 82 back in the day and loved it. Not as quick as the Suzuki or Honda, but a darn site better than the 250 Maico i had just traded it for. I have an engine for one sat in my garage but nothing else. Only a couple here in the UK that i have ... more »

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Does anyone know if there is an alternative clutch basket for an 89 KX 125 as mine is shot and can't find a standard one

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Is the track suitable for classic or twinshock

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Looking for a 1978 Kawasaki KX 125 A4 any condition considered, please get in touch

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That would be good, i race a few different KX's 75, 78 & 79 although the latter 2 don't need any engine mods they are fast enough. What model YZ is that you race ?

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Hello Newman, thanks for that info thats great as you said there are just 2 small holes towards the bottom of the leg. So i will try your mods, will speak to Race Tech first tho and see what they come up with. Thanks again. I am looking to do some engine ... more »

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Hi there any body got any good tips for the 75 KX 250 particularly the front forks

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