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Based on the background photo on the IG post - my guess is they are bringing back a round of SX at its Birthplace LA-1, A round back at the LA Coliseum This is my guess

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He also worked for XTRM back around 2008-2009 and ran what was left of the AMA supermoto series into the grave. The teams drove to Texas for the final round and the race Myron was involved in did not have permits and when teams showed up to the location ... more »

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wow, what a post. I own an EX Alessi mini four-stroke. Yamaha and BBR built a TTR125 with 150 big bore, BBR swingarm, PC exhaust, and YZ85 suspension. Alessi raced it and won a title in Texas when he was racing for Yamaha.

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I believe the confusion is promoter, owner of the series and sanctioning Body. Just like Supercross, the AMA is still the sanctioning body and handles scoring, tech and enforce and possibly writes the rule book. Outdoor Nationals used to have individual ... more »

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My list is too long and I am too lazy to try to remember. -Jaroslav Falta Winning the 1974 Super Bowl of Motocross, I ran on the track to get banners, I was 6. -1975 Trans AMA at Saddleback MX track, sadly it was also the day Jim West passed, my brother

... more »
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Check out the handlebar switch, looks like a map and possibly a traction control switch. 23 might just have what it needs to be better, map switch, traction control, suspension updates, maybe lighter exhaust, maybe linkage, maybe new head or lower profile ... more »

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I think some of you are missing the point. Some of the best turning bikes are very unstable at speed and twitchy. Some of the most stable bikes at speed don't turn well. Now if you can set up a chassis to turn amazing but the electronic damper will tune ... more »

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1974-1975, Yamaha Mini Enduro 60
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Marty Smith switched from a works bike to a production based bike back and forth to avoid it getting "Claimed" I think that was 1975 or 1976?

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It has DLC lower tubes, half of the team ran Showa, its a realistic project bike, not a works bike- LOL

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Started this project before the SR was announced but I was already all-in and the wheels were in motion. As it turns out, my "Factory Replica" looking KX450 actually cost slightly less than the suggest lists of the SR, but there are more custom ... more »

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I still get my bike stands from the back of the grocery store.

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I think he turns 16 on Jan 10, two day after A1. No need to rush SX, McGrath did not start racing SX full time till I think he was 18-19?

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With next-level 3D printing, they could produce a lot of the components in this form. These days they can print production parts in all sorts of plastics, carbon, aluminum, steel, titanium. This can speed up the R&D to production process by years ... more »

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Just build a Factory Edition, here is a build. Link to details

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Different place - Prado has been talked about for over a decade and I believe they tried again in the last few years but its been crickets for some time now. I heard they built a private truck track for practice a little while back but that is about

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Jeremy McGrath in 1987 Doug Dubach and Spud Walters, Thundercross and bunch of other 90s pros in the late 80s before they were pro in So Cal

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I believe it's Neitzel, Ken Neitzel, He tried to ride supercross in the early 90s and his son Chris was a local Pro and test rider for Dirt Rider Magazine back in the late 90s.

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I guess the rumors were true about a special KX450SR. Ironic how similar they are, we had no idea the SR existed when we built the bike. This bike has Dubya wheels, surprised Kaw did not include hubs on the SR. As for ODI, wanted to mix it up and their ... more »

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I was wondering where it says "kit" suspension in the release, I just see new KYB and lists coatings, piston size, rear shock features?