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I think the guys who help me out with my bike at the track are hot. ESPECIALLY ones who change a flat tire for me, out of the goodness of their heart. I just want to throw them on to the dirt and go at it....

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yeah I sent money for a subscription just about 2 years ago. My check was cashed but I have yet to receive a single issue. Always wondered WTF?

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His mom was "GOGIRL" back in the days of the chat room, if any of yall go back that far.

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I can't believe anybody's even going back and forth on this. The facts are simple: 1) Its BULLSH*T that there's no 250s on tv, or that they're on at 4am if at all. 2) Its BULLSH*T that there's no first motos - especially when the show is on for an hour ... more »

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Exactly. Whenever anything major happens on the track he is the only one that can explain whats going on. The show would be lost without him. There would be no professional insight at all... just a bunch of talking heads. Oh yeah -- and I like the stammer. ... more »

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He's a sweet innocent polite kid. He's all heart and he wants it more than anyone - totally unlike what you expect. Little known facts > he was raised a vegetarian and (at least when he was younger) never owned a tv. I always figured that had a lot ... more »

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Aw Ger...... you're breakin my heart

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or laugh or sneeze or cough or talk or move....

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Never. I've been racing for 11 years and have never worn one in a race ever. I've never had a crash where it turned out wearing one would have made a difference either (knock wood). I've taken my share of rocks but its really not so bad...

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Hey - I heard it was a year on your foot now (We have a friend in common - Justin from L.I.) That sucks that its taking so long to heal. My foot still bothers me most mornings and after I work out or ride but I definitely still ride. I've been riding at Etown race track on Wednesdays and the practice track on weekends and been doing some of the races at Atco and the friday night practices. I also went up to Hurricane Hills once and the L.I. track once and a couple other places this summer. I lost my job in late Feb so I've been collecting unemployment and trying not to get too depressed, but its been really hard finding a job. Its funny seeing how the other half lives - all those guys at OP at Etown on Wednesdays. They all got charmed lives, i tell ya! I hope you are back on the bike soon - Barb

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Devil1nNj left a comment 10/5/2008 10:44 AM

I was just checking out your pics, I have the exact same "boot" for my foot. TOo funny! I actually stickered it all up when I went to Daytona SX this yr. I still have to wear it on bad days, here and there. But it brings back some good memories at least. haha

How have you been? Have you ridden lately? Today is the 1yr anniversary of my crash still can't ride but, def working on fitness so when I can I'll be ready!

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hey Dan you... um.... popped my comments cherry. oof. i'm so glad it was you. ha ha j/k!! Yeah i saw the 09 CRF450 in Racer X. Pretty radical. If you can get one definitely do it. I'm gonna hit etown this weds and I have to do most of the rest of the Atco races apparently. My friend is holding the points lead in one class and battling for the lead in the other and needs me to go with him to the rest of the races. So I have to do at least the next one to shut him up. See ya on that new red bike soon

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Camp332 left a comment 9/13/2008 6:01 PM

Good to hear from you. I've become a workaholic, I really got to work on getting out an motoing more. I still get out, but I have been going to the free spots here by my house and not to E-town. I got my 250F for sale, and I'm looking to get the 09 crf450, that thing is sweet, and it fits my lazy style. I liked my 05 450 so, this one sounds to be a lot better. Good luck with finding work. It's tough out there now. Give me a call.

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Hey Dan I am still a moto bum but now that the summer's over I'm getting a little more focused on not being a bum I raced Atco a couple times this summer. That was different. Got 2nd each time. There's this little girl, got that place dialed in. sheesh! And Michael mmpics took a lot of pictures of me. ha ha
Hows it with you? Hope all is well. See ya at Etown soon I hope. - Barb

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I just don't understand how she does it without hearing anything!
Nice job on the women coverage once again guy

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Camp332 left a comment 9/12/2008 9:32 AM

Yo Barb, I mean mxhoney! How are you doing? I've been laying low, working a lot. What about you? You working, or enjoying life as a "moto-bum"? holla back

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