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My advice is to look at a 300, KTM or Husky. Just cost of ownership of a 2 stroke vrs 4stroke is one solid reason, your not dealing with valves, cams, cam chains, dual oil compartments....etc... Ease of maintenance on a 2stroke it a lot less. With a ... more »

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I have the same ones. For the most part I really like them, they are light, thin feeling...not bulky like others I've had and you can tighten them down well. But they do have a few issues. 1. The little plastic lock out clips won't stay in place, I had ... more »

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IDK if this helps, I had a similar issue with my 300, comparing the two parts dia. they look the same. I don't know if the 450 has an x,y,z adjustment on the spring ring, but if it does that's probable the issue. I had to readjust the spring tension ... more »

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IMHO, blowing them out is the best method, I'm a woods rider and I'm constantly denting, bending and tweaking pipes. I made a clamp that has a schrader valve , it's not hard to do. Get yourself some scrap plate steel, nuts and bolts and a schrader valve, ... more »

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I agree and I think it was unprofessional on on wil's part. Look, if Wil or the team were too busy or even didn't want to put the bikes out to test at the time then just say so. How hard is it to just say "we are super busy right now, ask me again after ... more »

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Dildo Ferrandis...AKA "The french tickler"

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Only change I'd make is a stainless steel work bench top, add a tool caddy roller. I do suspension work so I would need a dump sink and vise setup.

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Fox already has an electronic shock called "live valve" with sensors that can sense an impact and react in .003 seconds. You can get it for certain mountain bikes.

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You must be related.

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I'm a believer. I Got crushed during a hockey tournament, straight crosscheck to the lower back that had me laid out on the ice, I had to be carried off. I couldn't even sit up, or pick my legs up. We had a Chiro on the team that worked on my back like ... more »

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I was never a big Ralph fan, I mean he was fine, but the new guy sucks! Also,sometime it's hard to understand what the track side bimbo is saying...pull her out. Put weege in the booth, he would by far be the best...hands down. RC is improving, but I ... more »

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What I got from the pulp conversation is he's positioning himself to move on.

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Plastics are a real problem. Micro-plastics are becoming more prevalent in our food and water sources. It's in 90% of table salt, found at every level in the world's oceans, they are even finding it beef products. They yet don't know what the long term ... more »

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I'm going to say what most are probable thinking. Darkside seems like a cool person, problem is he's doing a show about a WTF. I mean, that's basically setup to fail right from the get go. I tried to listen to a couple of casts but...(and ... more »

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It's really hard to tell by the video what's going it both fork? Pull the fork off so it's easier to isolate it, stabilize the upper tube and the check for play. You can lay it on a flat surface or lightly clamp it in a vise. Forks ... more »

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A lot of riders change the offset on purpose to get a specific handling charistic, you will know in a few laps on the track. Just ramp it up slowly. I'd be surprised if the fork swap would change much other than better action from the sss valving, at ... more »

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I drain it cold, but I really don't it's that big a deal either way. What I do though is pull the plug and let it drain over night and refill the next day. An engine that is allowed to sit over time the particulates in the oil have settled to the lowest ... more »

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A couple of things that wasn't mentioned was spring rate and valving. I would say the valving would be ballpark since the bikes weight the same. But you'd want the correct spring for your weight, you can play with the balance some by adjusting the fork ... more »

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I've been thinking the same thing since ever I started listening to the WT show. Just personally...I rated the 4 cast that I listen to and this is what I think. WT.... Is pretty good, ping carries the show well and I like how he formats the interview ... more »

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My Tib/fib sprial fracture with rodding, was somewhat similar yours. There is no easy was to rehab/recover, It's going to be painful. Especially gaining back range of motion, you just have to bite the bullet and push past the pain. Lots of icing helps, ... more »