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Mavtv plus is a joke! Couldn't log on, kept getting error messages, bad gateway, caution unknown may be trying to steal log in information. WTF.

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Me too, I may do one month and see what the coverage looks like and if I don't like it I'm sure Youtube will at least have highlights.

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Here's a question maybe some can answer... So, I don't cable, I've been streaming Peacock from my computer to my tv. Do I have subscribe to a streaming service as well as Mavtv? I didn't see a mavtv app. tks

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It would be nice if "we" as fans of the sport could vote in the crew for the season. My picks for the booth would be Blair and someone else, His talent is being wasted on the floor! RC would be ok awesome to get JT though and put RC back on the ... more »

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Bro, you crack me up!!! but sooo true!!

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Dude, Did you listen to the pod cast? He said the doctors were very concerned that it may have ripped into his anus. And he said he has a hematoma pressing on his anus, so it was very close.

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Holy Jesus, mother of god Listening to DW explain his crash and getting a foot peg in his ass was definitely chringe-worthy! You can hear it on the pulp show, but 10'' deep and about 4'' wide gaping hole that can't be closed up. It has to heal from the ... more »

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That f*cking guy is a train wreck, I'm with DV, if they put all his segments together, I'll take that time to go take a shit! He must be blowing someone high up in the network to get his hands on a mike.

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Canvas is good! I had them make me a custom jersey and it was top notch, they were fast in getting it out to me as well. Great customer service.

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Biggest problem with most or all of these knock offs is getting replacement parts and any support of any kind.

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I have been cutting the liners out of pants for years, liners are useless. You'll find they are cooler, less restrictive, easier to put on and take off, especially if you wear knee braces.

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That's happening everywhere here in the U.S. San Diego county has the same regulations. Millions of dollars and extreme political efforts are fueled into shutting down off highway areas across the U.S., look at what wealthy organizations like the Sierra ... more »

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If you want to be on the safe side, at least get some x-rays. Roll into the e.r., if it doesn't look too busy ...get it checked out.

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I raced the the first one, "I think it was the first one " that was held at Perris and I remember there being so many riders people were parking out on the highway. It was well organized, the only thing I remember was that the motos were short. If I'm ... more »

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I have white SIDI boots and the only thing I found that will clean them with minimal scrubbing is Masterson's leather care spray.

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I raced one for two years and I remember it was a pretty good bike. I also remember the linkage bolts kept bending.

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Carlsbad, well over 100, dead still air, 35 minute motos sucking dust in the baking sun. I had one of those fox cold pack vests that had pockets you filled with ice.

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Bell is after a different type of customer, one that will spend more for the latest and greatest knowing they will sell fewer helmets but get more for each one. I like the Airoh helmets, they look good, fit good, priced right and are pretty damn light. ... more »

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My advice is to look at a 300, KTM or Husky. Just cost of ownership of a 2 stroke vrs 4stroke is one solid reason, your not dealing with valves, cams, cam chains, dual oil compartments....etc... Ease of maintenance on a 2stroke it a lot less. With a ... more »

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I have the same ones. For the most part I really like them, they are light, thin feeling...not bulky like others I've had and you can tighten them down well. But they do have a few issues. 1. The little plastic lock out clips won't stay in place, I had ... more »