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I will try to make this post somewhat worthwhile. I am not anywhere nearly as fast, talented or prepared of a rider as JS7 so I can't speak from experience. Despite this I could be a more intelligent human being, I dunno. I was happy to read Ping's latest ... more »

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Is it still out there? I read it a week or two ago and now I can't find it.

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all of the factory bikes are great. all of the factory riders are great. some are greater than others. at any level, racing comes down to preparation, belief, mindset, technique and set-up.

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Obviously this question can be answered in a variety of ways and there is no one right answer. For myself, the answer is never. The older I get, the more I ride and more kid-like things I do. I will never change that.

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Personally I much prefer practice to racing unless the race is a dual sport, enduro or cool mx race at a track that never has practice. I ride on my own property, private property and practice days 90% of the time. Race 10% of the time. I think there ... more »

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Can't wait to see him ride again. Definately one of the most talented and smartest riders/racers ever. Congrats on signing him DV.

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I hope so! The RM125/250 are great bikes! Long live the 2 stroke! I love my 07 YZ250 as well. Promoting the 2 stroke will definately bring more riders into moto. Its the craziest thing I have seen, the OEM have been killing the sport they depend on with ... more »

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Riding a dirtbike at any level is not smart. 1. James is the only guy who did the quad clean all day. He is and has been the fastest guy his entire career. He is a badass, and probably the naturally fastest guy ever. 2. Chad is a great rider who deserves ... more »

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Great video!

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I hope he does well. He has talent, but it takes more than talent to have a career in anything.

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Good question drmarkr. I haven't talked to her in a few years. Used to talk with her quite a bit when she was posting on Brad Ripple and her were together for awhile, that ended years ago. Last I knew she was living down near Atlanta. As ... more »

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Mike Alessi has never raced well in SX. He has had a few glimpses of greatness but nothing more. He is definately a dedicated rider who has sacrificed alot to be where he is, but I don't think he is doing himself or his sponsors any favors by being on ... more »

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I think its ok for James to say he is the fastest man in MX/SX on the planet. He has clearly proven over his entire career that (in general) he can go faster than anyone for one lap on a good track. However, James has also proven that he is prone to ... more »

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Great job L&M, and thanks for the input Larry. I don't know why people care what type of gizmos are on Stewart's bike. I'm sure the other teams are (or should be) doing everything they can to have the best motorcycle and gather the most date about ... more »

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Great ride for DeCotis! I couldn't understand why he didn't have a good ride to start with. He rips outdoors and is good indoors too. Hope he has a great year, he definitely has potential. Just sucks that the economy is bad right now, there are a few ... more »

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I don't think his fitness is where it needs to be to race a main event in the top 5 or 8. Despite that, he was riding really well in the heat. Hope he does well and gets his career and life in order.

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i think he was riding for Kenny Germain on the east coast.

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Ya it sucks a little bit for Roger. However, he has done it all in mx racing and has had every type of rider on his team over the years. He basically inherited Alessi, and probably wasn't really thrilled about that. I'm guessing Alessi will race a few ... more »

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Roczen should keep racing SX and practicing in SX as much as possible. He already has speed, great heart (competitiveness) and good technique. He just needs to learn from some of the vet SX riders and understand why they aern't on the ground as much ... more »

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Good interview.