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I personally hate the feel of an aluminum framed bike

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When I was a national pro, practice 125 got a new ring and clutch plates after every day of riding. New piston every week and crank every 6 weeks. Race bike got a new crank every 6 weeks, and new piston/rings/clutch once a week. My 250 would go a full ... more »

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I never got it. You can email the shop at

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I have a CNC plasma cutter as well as CNC late, mill and tubing cutter in Zephyrhills

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I don't know a machine shop around that charges $165/hr for machine time.. Maybe the design aspect of it. Just download a free copy of fusion 360 and lean how to use it . I don't know about in your area but there are places all over near me that offer ... more »

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Getting the squish wrong will also do this. On KTM's you get a choice of several different base gaskets and if you choose one that is too thin, it will send the piston right through the top of the cylinder. 2001-2002 I was riding KTM's and parts availability ... more »

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RJ hampshire was out at DCMX today riding his new Husky. There are a few video's floating around FB

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I love my 2017. No desire to switch to a different bike anytime soon

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I came around on I think it was the mx world site, was there lie a month and when to freshdirt. Hung around there until the mikeep meltdown and the mass migration to motodrive. Sure didn't get a lot done at work during that time due to the daily AOL ... more »

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Its not. Just a regular pipe that they took a tig torch and run it around the pipe to give the cone pipe appearance

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I use BelRay gear saver. Its the only lube I have been able to get a clutch tolast more than 6 weeks when I was racing 125pro. ATF works great when a clutch starts slipping, but the transmission gears don't tolerate the shockloading as well with the ... more »

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If you look at the slow motion GIF it looks like Bowers was planning to run barcia high along the length of the berm. I'm betting Barcia didnt even know he was there and hit the brakes to cut down on the inside line.As he hit the brakes bowers was coming ... more »

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This right here. ABC's. Airway, breathing, circulation. First aide 101. Preventing a spinal injury is a moot point if the patient isn't breathing. if he has a compromised airway that would have been the EMT's first priority

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Way back when I was a national pro, we made the best power on my KTM 125 at 32:1 due to better ring seal. Cranks and pistons lasted much longer too. I averaged about 6 weeks out of a crank, and a piston would go a full week (bike would get new rings ... more »

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I started riding in in Dec of '94, a week before my 15th birthday. Started racing 5mo later. Up until I turned 18 I was only allowed to ride at DCMX thursday night practices and race on Saturday nights. At the age of 23 I earned my pro card and made ... more »

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The Chilis they were at in in Zephyrhills, just south of Chad Reeds place .

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Ask David Pingree about endurance testing lightweight pistons at the 2002 Phoenix supercross

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Riding KX450F's, not a smoker. I could honestly care less either way though. I just find it funny no body brought it up yet considering how this place runs rampant with speculation at times.

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I can't believe there hasn't been one mention of the KX250 on the other side of Reed's bike