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Stan’s a Minge!

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Thank you!

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Thank you for the kind words my friend. I got to spin around the neighborhood a little bit on her today, and what a fantastic machine. Looking forward to getting my butt back in shape!

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I’m interested in getting into cycling and would consider buying your bike. I sent you a PM. Let me know if you’re still interested in selling it.

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I’ve found telling a guy I won’t discuss price until they come out and look at it, separates out a large chunk of bs. I operate the same way when buying too. I’ll ask the guy if he’s negotiable, and leave it at that. If he says no, I don’t go look at ... more »

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If it’s just me and my buddies, we go general admission, drag a cooler in, find a decent spot and set up chairs. After that, we roam all over the place, returning occasionally to resupply and sit down for a bit. I’ve done the vip deal in the past when ... more »

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Years ago I serviced a set of WP closed cartridge forks on one of my bikes. Got them all bolted up and torqued down meticulously. Stood back to admire my work and grab the front tire, when I looked at the full wrap fork guards laying on the bench. Sigh.... ... more »

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Looking for useable cylinder and cylinder head for 2012 and up 250 sx-f. I’m not sure what the cutoff year was on this range of engines, but i have a 2013 Husaberg with it that went bang. For reference the head has the coolant temp sensor boss. Let me ... more »

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Had a similar issue using an apple adaptor for iphone or iPad to HDMI. Both devices would only play the sound, no picture. Other apps it plays just fine. My fire tv box is an old gen so the work around download of Peacock didn’t work period. Would load ... more »

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Definitely more interested in seeing pics of that beautiful 240 coupe next to the Honda.

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I’m interested, but I don’t see a send private message option for you, or email. I’ve gotten pm’s here before. If you can get in touch with me, I’ll definitely buy at least one!

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Fire Tv box.

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Done all of the above and then some. Still doesn’t work on anything but the iPad in my house. Guess I’ll read about the race later tonight here.

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Anyone else getting the yellow loading wheel only on a fire tv device for qualifying so far? Plays the tv shows fine, and no problem watching on iPad. The time seems off too. I’m east coast, and it’s saying it started 50+ minutes ago.

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I’m certain a ghost has turned the fuel valve off on my bike before riding away from the truck at least a couple times.

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Is the guy running a Ford light truck spring on the back of that sport bike? The thing isn’t even drooping.

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If it indeed runs and drives, it’s worth more than the asking price in parts. By the way, if one of you guys buys it to drive, let me know, I have an entire cooling pack and front valance for it I’ll make you a deal on.

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Sent you a PM

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I just straightened out an older ktm product the e-start didn’t work. I started at the source, and kept testing things until I found all the problems. As factor e stated the rubber plug you’re holding should plug into the socket for the FI light next ... more »

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I’m definitely not computer savvy enough to make all that stuff work. I guess I’m the kind of guy they rely on to keep the profits rolling in!