A Test of Time: Andrew Short 8

Andrew Short has raced for the likes of Pro Circuit, MotoWorld Suzuki, factory Honda, factory Red Bull KTM, and others throughout his career. After turning pro 13-years ago, Short has become a household name in the industry as both a fierce competitor and all around good guy. However, at the end of the day, Short understands that it's a matter withstanding the obstacles life throws your way throughout time and seeing the bigger picture: family and personal happiness.

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  • Markee

    7/12/2013 1:34 PM

    Beautiful place!

  • Hman144

    7/12/2013 5:20 AM

    Film and writing were top notch. I see Vital's own Man Friday got the voice part.

    Now someone get this writer and this film maker out to Doug Henry's house for a full-length feature. Better yet, let's see a compilation piece built around "What Makes Them Tick" starring Bubba, RC, TP199, Henry, Bradshaw, MC, and Barry Carsten. I get intellectual property residuals, thank you.

  • elmo

    8/8/2013 10:12 PM

    Thank you, sir!!

  • seventotheone

    7/12/2013 1:20 AM

    2 thumbs up!

  • elmo

    8/8/2013 10:11 PM

    Thanks, bud!

  • Mx_Pain

    7/11/2013 3:14 PM

    beautiful !

  • elmo

    8/8/2013 10:11 PM

    Thank you, sir. Glad you enjoyed!

  • Neil_Romero

    7/11/2013 1:01 PM

    To use a musical analogy...This video was like a Radiohead song, to some it's genius.
    As for me...I'll take my moto vids in more of a Metallica format.

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