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Tested: P3 Composites Carbon Fiber Skidplate
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When KTM released the 2015 Factory Edition bikes this spring, there were very few OEM parts available, let alone aftermarket parts. At that moment, P3 Composites grabbed the bull by the horns and made the first skid plate to fit the Factory Edition available to the public. Being one of the lucky few that had pulled the trigger on the 250SX-F FE, I wanted to protect my investment with something that matched the factory-caliber of my new ride. Thus, I ordered one of P3's carbon skidplates as soon as they cooled off and it could be shipped to my house.

P3 Composites Carbon Fiber Skiplate Features:

  • Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Biaxial Fiberglass composites feature exceptional durability and high strength.
  • Super-high strength epoxy finish for long life and high durability.
  • Black carbon fiber on top with bi-color weave on the bottom provides a brilliant two-tone factory finish that looks fantastic on any KTM.
  • Simplistic & lightweight mounting; uses P3 Superhook rear bracket.
  • Replacement hardware available separately.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Price: $189.95 (black), or $209.95 (blue, green, red, yellow, orange).

First Impression

When the P3's carbon skid plate arrived at my home, I was immediately impressed by the gloss finish, which made the carbon pop like a factory works part. The machined mounting hardware is "A" grade machined aluminum and anodized black for a sleek aftermarket look.

Installation was fast and easy, plus the fitment was spot on. I found that installing the rear "superhook" first, then moving to the front bracket made the process faster. To calm my OCD nerves, I put a drop of blue Loctite on each allen bolt. It's most likely not needed, but why not play on the safe side?

On The Track

The first handful of rides, the skid plate shines like you're on a factory race machine. But as time goes on, the protective shine does lose its sparkle from roost, rocks, and mud removal. When putting this product to the test on all the major So Cal tracks, Mammoth MX weekend, and Northwest tracks like Washougal, the P3 skid plate stands strong. Casing jumps, roost, or the occasional tangle with a fellow rider wouldn't even worry me. I never had the hardware come loose or skid plate slide out of place. My major durability concern would be geared towards the trail riders who enjoy putting their skills to the test in rock gardens, as I haven't tested the carbon's reaction in those conditions.

Long-Term Durability

As stated above, the long term concern is "looks" related. The skid plate did lose its shine and luster, but like any dirt bike part that gets ridden hard and put away wet, it will show wear. We don't buy our bikes to have them sit in the garage and look pretty, right?

Last Words

After riding KTMs for the last three years, I've used multiple skids plates, including the plastic quick-release one from KTM, which didn't last longer than a few months before it pulled right off the bike. Now using this P3 Composites skid plate, it becomes obvious why they stand behind their products with such pride.

Strong, lightweight, and quality craftsmanship are all words I'd use to describe it. You can take my testing and review with a grain of salt, but with off-road riders like KTM's Taylor Robert and Kailub Russell putting P3's products to the test, you know the R&D is coming from the right direction.

Vital MX Rating: 4.5 stars - Outstanding

Check out P3carbon.com to see their extensive carbon fiber product line.

About the Test Rider

Joe Carlino - is the guy next door. He looks for products with best value and buys them right off the shelf, just like you. He's gained experience from being on two wheels since he was a kid. He has bought, built, repaired, and ridden everything from BMX bikes to vintage motorcycles to motocross bikes. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, he spends 75 percent of his free time riding the sticky dirt tracks of Washougal and Mountain View, and the rest of his time riding the prime single track trails of Tillamook Forest and Hood River. Joe makes a hobby of this when he's not traveling the world making snowboarding films for Nike SB. With ten years of experience in the action sports industry, he has an honest look at these products from a consumer's point of view.


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P3 Composites Carbon Fiber Skid Plate
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