Acerbis Skid Plate

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Simple, Tuff, Affordable...
The Good
Uses stock mounting instead of aftermarket mounting brackets, extremely tough, flexible enough to take abuse.
The Bad
Can be air restrictive, but has patterns visible to drill out.
Overall Review:

So after a full seasons of racing Worcs, GPs, and other offroad events without ever breaking or having a problem with these I thought it was about time to give them a little recognition.

Upside: At 75 dollars the acerbis skid plate is much cheaper than using a carbon fiber or comparable full coverage aluminum skid plates. The molded plastic is both tough but flexible to to take heavy hits from rocks, logs, ect. Also compared to some other aftermarket skid plates it uses the oem mounting. So no messing around with aftermarket clamps that hard to put in place! I personally tested these on kawasaki's 250 and 450, on both offering great protection of not only the frame and cases but also the waterpump and oil filter housing. If your a fan of racing enduros or any type of racing that involves log styles obstacles, the smooth bottom creates a great gliding surface if you don't quite make it all the way over and catch your frame.

Downside: It still is made of plastic and can be broken or cracked. Overall these have taken some great abuse in my personal experience but i have seen some cracked in some extreme encounter with rocks. The skid plate can be somewhat air restrictive, if your require abit more "cooling" though you will notice a pattern in most models that your can drill out with a hand drill or drill press quite easily.

Overall: For the price vs durability, I've been quite pleased the protection I've gotten out of these skidplates. I'd would recommend looking at this skid plate if your in need of "insurance" against some nasty obstacles.


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Acerbis Skid Plate
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