Leatt Coolit Vest 2

Supercharge your body's natural cooling system. At Leatt®, they take pride in their protection products; and, as riders and racers themselves, they also know there is a need for performance enhancing products. The Coolit Vest is their first combination performance enhancing / safety product.

Riders need to stay cool while riding. As your core temperature rises, your body loses function and you can't ride as well. This is the beginning of heat stroke which, quite tragically, can kill riders in extreme circumstances. The relies on the Hyperkewl™ material, invented by Techniche International, to absorb, store and release water over time. Worn next to the skin to initially keep you cool by using the coolness of the water and later, by the evaporation process. Light, cool, inexpensive and effective. Now, go ride, even if it is hot!

  •   Soak for a minimum of 2 minutes in cool water.
  •   Stretch, mesh sides allow for best, most comfortable fit.
  •   Easy to wear pullover design needs to be worn next to the skin, under all other garments and protective gear.
  •   Up to 300% more evaporative cooling fabric coverage than others.
  •   Hyperkewl is made from a multi-fiber polymer embedded fabric layered between.
  •   Soak the vest and throw it in the fridge to get an initial deep chill before you hit the circuit.
  •   Evaporative cooling products are worn by athletes around the world to improve performance.
  •   The combination of fabrics creates a water management system that helps to keep you cool.

Price: $42.00


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