The 100% Racecraft comes with everything you need to go racing: nose guard, 20 tear-offs, extra lens, and a protective bag.

Youngin’s may think that 100% is a new brand, but the name has been around since the early 1980’s. Through the mid ‘90s, 100% was a well-known sticker and race number company (before the era of preprinted numbers).

Now the name has been reinstated in a big way, and this time around is focused on goggles. With guys like Justin Brayton, PJ Larsen, Gautier Paulin, and Valentin Teilet already using 100% eye protection, the company must be doing something right. That was reason enough for us to give the new goggles a go.

The Racecraft is 100%’s premium offering, featuring:

  • Outrigger system
  • Removable nose guard
  • Triple-layer moisture-managing foam
  • Anti-fog coated Lexan lens
  • Silicone coated strap
  • Co molding
  • Patent-pending air intakes
  • $65-75

The triple layer foam, paired with the air intakes, does a great job of keeping your face protected and dry.

You can’t beat a first impression, and 100% makes a very good one with their packaging. Yeah, yeah, we can’t judge a book by its cover. Well the Racecraft isn’t a book, it’s a set of goggles, and the cover is pretty sexy. Nothing mind blowing; just simple, solid, and clean packaging in a similar vane as Apple products. While it has nothing to do with functionality, getting the customer excited to use a product simply due to the box it comes in is the first step in winning them over. Add to that the included 20 pack of tear-offs, nose guard, extra lens, protective bag, and optional mirrored lens, and it’s hard to not be impressed at first sight.

With my big schnoz and the hot summer weather, I did away with the nose guard right off the bat. But anyone who rides in Unadilla-type rocky conditions will be happy to know that the nose guard is a harder plastic than found on many other goggles. Bring on the flying stones!

I was a long outrigger holdout, opting to stick with traditional style goggle frames when possible. However, in recent years I have grown accustomed to outrigger frames and the Racecraft has a good design that evenly distributes pressure for a solid seal around the face. The frame size is average and fits within most helmet eye ports as expected. Additionally, the wide goggle strap (45mm) and thick anti-slip silicone bead do an excellent job of keeping the goggles in place on your helmet.

The hard plastic nose guard removes in a snap.

The built in tear-off tabs are a great touch, and since both the Racecraft and traditionally-framed (no outriggers) Accuri use the same lens shape and tab placement, once you have 100% tear-offs (which are included anyways) you’re good to go.

With plenty of motos under my belt with the Racecraft, I can say that they are very good goggles. The air intake system works really well, allowing plenty of air to circulate without drying out your eyes or letting dust in (as a contact user, this is a huge bonus). Sweating is always an issue, especially during the disgustingly warm summer months, and the triple layer foam can withstand even the sweatiest of brows.

Obviously everyone’s mug is different, but the Racecraft are some of the best fitting goggles I have used in my 20-plus years of riding. Comfort; functionality; clean designs; attention to detail (ex. the holes punched into the tear-offs for using more than one at a time allow the excess tab to be tucked further away than other tear-off systems, meaning there is less chance of accidently grabbing more than one at a time): what else can you ask for?

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-Bayo Olukotun

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