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Braaaphole Braaaphole
3/14/2018 7:52 PM

Recently bought this bike used and found that the front brakes aren't grabbing like they should. They grab and slow the bike down, but they don't grab hard and won't come close to locking up. Even rolling the bike by hand and grabbing them, the front wheel doesn't lock.
Yesterday I put on new brake pads and bled the line. Checked it and still the same. It seems like both pistons on the caliper are moving freely. I'm guessing I need to rebuild the master cylinder. I've never had this issue on a bike.
Doesn't appear to have any leaks either.

Anything else I should be looking at?

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kb228 kb228
3/15/2018 1:22 AM

Rebuilding the master cylinder, replacing the brake line, and rebuilding the caliper would be the corrective steps for me. In that order.

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TrailDigger TrailDigger
3/15/2018 3:05 AM

The lever feel spongy or firm?

If you're not mixing gas, you're not haulin ass.

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Braaaphole Braaaphole
3/16/2018 6:38 PM

It's not spongy, but not really firm either. It had some give to it, but it does firm up. You can't pull it all the way to the grip.

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BenG BenG
3/16/2018 9:14 PM

Replace the brake line.

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CarlinoJoeVideo CarlinoJoeVideo
3/16/2018 11:55 PM
BenG wrote:

Replace the brake line.

Replace the line(I use Galfer)
Rebuild master
Rebuild caliper

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Braaaphole Braaaphole
3/18/2018 6:22 PM

Rebuilding the master cylinder didn't fix it, but does seem to have helped. New brake line and caliper parts on the way. Guess the front brakes will be as fresh as it gets.

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3/18/2018 7:18 PM

Sand the rotor, rinse with brake cleaner, let it air dry and try not to touch the swept area with your fingers or get brake fluid on it.

Powerband in every gear !

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