KTM 350 will only Idle

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5/22/2018 5:01 AM

I have a 2014 KTM 350 SXF. The bike starts up, but as soon as I try to give it any gas the bike starts to die. It sounds like it is getting too much/not enough fuel, but can't find any obvious problems.

I checked all of my electrical and fuel connections and everything seems fine so far. I also checked to make sure if the fuel pump works, which it seems to (when activated is sprays fuel out about a foot or so).

Any thoughts?


5/22/2018 6:06 AM

What are your TPS voltages at closed throttle and wide open?


5/22/2018 6:52 AM

Sounds like fuel starvation....
Check the inline fuel filter, fuel pump and injector for dirt or dried fuel.
These bikes are also known to have a fuel line kink issue inside the fuel tank that needs to be checked.

Paw Paw


5/22/2018 7:47 AM

yea i would replace the inline filter anyway (black connector from tank to injector)

and check to make sure there isn't a kink as mentioned or a pin hole on the inside line


5/22/2018 11:10 AM

So far it looks like it was the injector. After cleaning the bike starts up and runs fine, but won't know for sure until I get to put some laps on it.

Thanks for the help!