Does anyone know the size of the male threads on the air fitting that threads into the Neken SFS clamps?

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9/21/2021 11:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/21/2021 4:17 PM

I am looking to replace the below-circled fitting with a right-angle part so I can more readily fill my air forks AND the SFS clamps.

Right now the SFS clamp fitting is inaccessible with my Works Connection air pump's "zero loss" fitting.

I blindly bought a Works Connection fork "EZ Fill" for KTM since it's only 1 part and the threads don't match. I called Works Connection to see if they make a part that would work for this non-standard application. No dice. And my bad.

Lastly, the pic below is not my bike and the challenge I am speaking of is not depicted. I simply grabbed a photo to show the fitting I am striving to replace.


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9/21/2021 6:42 PM

It's a standard M8 x 1.25. Same as the bar clamp bolts.


Billy Wight
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9/21/2021 9:23 PM

Thanks Luxon MX!


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