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4/16/2010 7:10 AM

A buddy tried to get me set up online to play College football and I kept getting an error message. Now everytime I wanna play Reflex( I dont play online) it acts like I'm trying to play online and makes me want to start all over. I had just about everything opened and now it seems as though its gone!! Any Ideas?


4/16/2010 8:55 AM

your ps3 auto connects to the inner-web every time you turn it on. disable that connection until you actually want to connect. if you've done that already, i have no idea. mine has done some strange things too.



Its a shame the 4 strokes are doing so well. It just goes to show that in order to actually go as fast as those of us on a 2 stroke, they have to buy into the double displacement handicap just so they can keep up.

4/16/2010 10:30 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/16/2010 10:31 AM

I disconnected the internet from the unit itself even. I'm not a real "techie" guy so I was struggling last night until like