Blazier needs to deep-dive the 98' CR250

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10/29/2017 5:35 AM

Bored this morning...watched the whole RonTube video library. I think Blazier needs to do one of his dissections of the 98' CR250, because it looks to me like the best-handling, most durable dirt bike ever made. I assume 98' CRs have been sacrificed like Dukes of Hazzard Chargers in the making of those videos...the Pastranaland episode alone looked to have wrecked 5 of them! But if the same bike has been used throughout (by that I mean frame, swing arm, cases, etc)...those things really were built like bridges. And how is it that Reed's tricked-out YZ breaks his leg 20 minutes in and Ronnie Mac has been casing the crap out of things for years on that relic and I'm not aware of him ever being injured on the thing. Lastly, I'm waiting on an outtakes video, as he HAS to have looped out or endo'd multiple times in learning his signature "style", right?


10/29/2017 6:11 AM

My bro in law had one, that frame had to b welded monthly, biggest pile of junk to ever come out of Asaia


10/29/2017 6:22 AM

His bike has to be bored out or sumn lol either way pros can make anything look good! I remember having a 95 Kx125. It was so slow and I HATED it. Then one day I parked next to this A rider at Lake Whitney and was complaining about it. He was like let me ride it. He was railing corners and throwing whips. At that point I was like...well it’s not the bike laughing unsure


10/29/2017 7:02 AM

Sounds like they made minor updates for 1998.

"Between the incessant vibration, jackhammer forks, arm-stretching hit and buttocks-pulverizing shock, the 1998 CR was by far the most tiring bike to ride in the 250 class. It was still pretty, but under those matinee idol looks beat the heart of a sadist."

Perfect Ronnie Mac bike.


10/29/2017 9:29 AM

I had a 97' briefly and that's my memory...the harshest bike I could imagine. Absolutely hated it. It may have had a great motor but I was so distracted by the rest of it that I just don't remember. That was the only period of my riding life where I actually dreaded going to the track. Sold after 5 or 6 weeks and got a 97' KX250...magic carpet ride of a bike.


10/29/2017 11:13 AM

In a groomed straight line it is ok because the motor was a beast and you know its built. But that 97/98 design are by far the most hated bikes in any pole i ever saw. I had it and had PC give it the works even thought it didnt need it. It would vibrate your soul out of your body and was rigid like no other. Shattered my feet on that badboy casing the original giant elevator.


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