04yzkx500 build

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7/10/2017 3:42 PM

This bike has been around... I started with a tired roach of an 04 yz250. I stripped it down to the frame and ordered a large amount of parts. 

09 yz450 forks, swingarm, linkage and shock. 

Eddie Sanders Racing yz345 kit, new crank, wr 2-5 gears, Hinson billet basket and clutch

New bearings, plastics, powder coat etc... brand new bike basically!

The motor did not rev quite the way I wanted. It had amazing low end though, maybe the ultimate single track motor. The handling/ suspension was perfectly dialed in for me. I love the steel frame yz! 

I have the chassis and suspension dialed just wanted more big end power.... So I started searching for a kx5 motor. I found a burnt up 01 complete bike just needed a rebuild! Time to spend some cash again!

Millennium 525 kit, ported and setup to run race fuel, new crank balanced by crankworks, magura hydro clutch and a 40mm smart carb.

While I waited for the cylinder we modded the cases to fit in the swing arm mount and lined up the sprockets. It wasn't to bad. The motor mounts were easy and realy not far off. The fun part was the radiators and intake. We basically built brand new rads from the yz setup just changed all plumbing. The intake was trimmed down as much as possible to fit... very tight but it worked out! The smart carb is bigger then the stock carb, the stocker would fit much better. The stock kicker had to be modded a bit to clear the frame. The pipe was a FMF service honda kx5 pipe. We had to make some new mounts and and do some mods to make it work with the stinger. The gas tank got the heat gun and spoon treatment to clear the cylinder.

It really was not a difficult motor swap at all. 

It took one ride to realize I wanted some help with vibes. I went and snagged some Fasst flex bars and pegs! Huge difference, I could ride this thing all day now! The motor has awesome low end and rips on top of course! The new k5 motor did not mess with the perfect handling and feel at all! I have had about 5 good rides on it with no issue's. I hit St. Anthony dunes and some awesome single track in Idaho. The bike handled both like a champ! The yz motor is on eBay now! 






7/10/2017 4:56 PM

Hell yeah! That's cool man!


7/12/2017 10:14 AM

That's pretty rad, I love KX500s and often wonder why people ruin them by putting them in alloy frames but that's a tidy little scooter... Good job and not got the worry of a re welded alloy frame.