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ML's Picks

Michael's Take: This season is shaping up quite nicely...


Michael's Take: The standings really tightened up with Chase's rough weekend, this could've been much worse.


Michael's Take: I am so damn stoked for Chance, can he make it a four-man run for the 250 title? He's now second in points.


Michael's Take: Fun slo-mo from Fox. Watch the rears slide up the face of this step up, especially Nicoletti and Anderson.


Michael's Take: Yay or nay?


Lewis' Pick

Lewis' Take: Another example of a rider's first race being much better. Naivety is a valuable tool.


Lewis' Take: The fact that it just randomly "clicked" for Sacha Coenen confuses me very much...


Lewis' Take: I feel like no one would guess that Julien Beaumer is inside of the top ten in points.


Lewis' Take: The issue here's that, because of qualification, Jeffrey Herlings lost points in Latvia.


Lewis' Take: Dean Wilson's made for random races across the world. It'll be his niche, for sure...


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: I love me some AP but his Cowboy kit at Thunder Valley is not for me. What do you guys think? (Editor Note: Jamie hates country music and everything related to it with a passion)


Jamie's Take: What an amazing ride from Chance Hymas and Honda HRC. The first one is always the most difficult. Now for an overall.


Jamie's Take: Post-race life can be difficult to figure out for racers, but it looks like Cade Clason could just switch sports.


Jamie's Take: Kevin Windham and the boys at Farm 14 are Loretta’s prepping.

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