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Dylan Ferrandis continued his streak of top six finishes in San Diego, but he is not happy.

Dylan Ferrandis has not had the greatest success as a 450SX racer and therefore one would think that 4-6 scores across the first two rounds of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross would make him quite happy. To the surprise of this scribe, that is not the case though. Ferrandis was extremely disappointed by the sixth place that he claimed in San Diego, at that new Snapdragon Stadium, and did not hide his disdain in this exclusive interview on Vital MX.

Vital MX: This may not have been as flashy as Anaheim 1, but it was a solid result. You have built on what you did at round one. You must be happy, no?

Dylan Ferrandis: No. Honestly, I am a little bit frustrated. It is a tough one to swallow. I tried everything and I had everything to do good… I just had a lack of speed today and tonight. I do not know why. I just could not match the speed of the guy in front of me – that was very frustrating for me. I was trying a lot and very hard. I did a lot of mistakes because I was overriding. I was just missing a little bit of pace. I could not close the gap and fight for podium positions. It is difficult to accept.

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Do you not just put it down to a bad start? I feel like, had you started third or fourth, then you would have been in the fight for the podium.

Yeah, a good start would have helped. I feel like, even with a good start, I did not have the pace tonight. We will never know. I am also frustrated about the start – I did good starts in practice and the heat race. I just banged bars with the rider next to me in the main event, so I missed my start. It was a very frustrating night.

You say that you did not have the pace, but do you put that on yourself or the bike?

I don't know. I think both! I think that the combo between the bike and the rider was not enough to win or be on the podium. I feel like it is both. The track was very flat – there were a lot of flat turns and low berms. It is not what I like and maybe not what I am good at. I think that a little bit of all of that meant that it was not a track that suited me very well, so I did not have the pace.

The track was not the best for racing anyway, huh? I did not feel like there was much that you guys could do to make a difference.

Yeah, it could be. I think that we were all doing the same things. It was not the greatest track to race, but it was the same for everyone. The fastest rider will always win!

Shall we look at a positive? Your starts have gotten better on the new bike. You took the holeshot in practice and, even though it was a fake start, it was ridiculous to see you at the front…

Yeah, it is not fake to us. We all try to get the holeshot, even if it is practice!

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Do you take something from that though?

Even in the heat race, I almost took the holeshot. [Ken] Roczen got me in the first turn. My starts are way better – that is for sure. Everything is way better. I just need to look at what I am missing right now. We will fight again next week.

What is it about the new bike that makes you better out of the gate?

I think that there is less power and the clutch is very different. I do not know why, but it is different to ride. The power to use is way different. It is less, but then it is stronger and smoother at the same time. You have to try this bike to know how it feels.

Last thing then. There is less than a week to go until Anaheim 2, but what is one thing that you want to work on and fix to be better next weekend?

We did some small changes today and this week. I think that we will practice with the changes that we did and make sure that everything is working the way that we want it to. We will just try to have a normal week of training. The last few weeks have been very difficult with the rain in California, so we have not been able to train as normal. We will try to get back to the routine and show up fresh for Anaheim 2.

Well, I have to ask this now. You said that you made small changes this week. What part of the bike were you working on?

We changed the suspension a little bit after Anaheim 1. Today, we had a small change on the engine. This track was very tight and small – I needed the engine changed a little bit. It was a good improvement for the start as well, so it is probably something that we will keep for the future.


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