2016 has been an exciting year if you're a fan of Suzuki, as there are two new support teams that made their debut at Anaheim 1. But here's the big question, which bike looks better? Well, the crews from MAD Racing/Yoshimura Suzuki/Dirt Candy Graphics and Motorcycle Superstore/Suzuki want to know the answer too. To help them out, we're running a poll, for you the viewer, to pick which bike is the winner in the looks department.

Check out a couple photos of each bike below, then vote for the winner!

Daniel Baker's MAD Racing/Yoshimura/Dirt Candy Graphics/Suzuki RM-Z250 - Mechanic: Chris See

The MAD Racing/Yoshimura/Dirt Candy Graphics/Suzuki RM-Z250 definitely produces some instant drool; with tons of hard parts, anodized bits, and unique features all over.

This baby doesn't feature any titanium bolts, but instead has had a ton of the standard hardware ground-down on a lathe to save weight, along with having other parts drilled out to save weight.

Stashed between the black frame and airbox is something very unusual, a WP Trax shock. Not something you see on a Japanese bike everyday.

Up front, these X-Trig clamps grasp a set of WP 48mm Cone Valve forks, which are surrounded by some Flo-yellow Acerbis plastic.

With the black frame and swingarm, it's almost easy to miss the also black HSL rear link (holeshot rear-link).

As you can see in the team's name, Yoshimura is a heavy supporter of the team. This includes engine work and this gorgeous full titanium and carbon exhaust.

Kyle Cunningham's Motorcycle Superstore/Suzuki RM-Z250 - Mechanic: Austin Kent

The Motorcycle Superstore/Suzuki RM-Z250 on the other hand has a more clean approach, and rock a more old-school Suzuki looks with lots of blue mixed in with the traditional yellow.

The polished frame, brake pedal, titanium bolts, and the FMF titanium header really make this bike pop under closer inspection.

Up front, this RM-Z250 also carries X-Trig clamps, but instead they're holding a set of heavily modified KYB forks from Merge Racing.

The black radiators are a unique touch. Also the cylinder head may be barren of stickers, but it has some magic inside from Merge Racing as well.

The full yellow seat is ridiculously cool and really brings the look together.

Who wouldn't want this rider's view?

Remember to cast your vote to help decide the winner!

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