Vital MX Pit Bits: WW Ranch

Ready for another blast of Pit Bits? We were stoked that we made it back to Florida for another round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. It sure is a scenic track.

Several big mounds had been added since the last time we were there, offering some elevation for the spectators on hand.

With the heat and humidity, these sure were tempting...  In the post-race interview with Zach Osborne, we mentioned how hot and humid it was (especially compared to most of the rest of this season). Zach called it a nice Florida day.

We caught Amy Noren camped out in front of a fan on Friday, with some interesting results.

Freddie had a cheering section on the outside of the first turn.

Dave Feeney, Steve Westfall, and Todd Brown, all keeping a watchful eye on Zach Osborne's Husky. As it gets closer to championship time, the stress levels go up.

We hadn't peeked at Chris Loredo's Factory Wrench t-handle setup since the Supercross season, where he had maybe one or two titanium t-handles. Now he's sporting a full set of them. Zach Osborne also recently bought sets for his practice bike mechanic, and his raceday mechanic, Dave Feeney.

Chris has also worked with Factory Wrench on a couple of other items, like this Bleed Budy slave cylinder compression tool. You can use it to compress the piston or to check the feel of the clutch setup without having to install it on the motor.

The reversible Factory Wrench Counter Claw holds 13 and 14-tooth countershaft sprockets during torquing. (You insert a half-inch extension into the body of it as a lever.) Magnets and ball plungers hold it into place.

The extended louvers that the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys build for their outdoor bikes are a pain to build, so they often try to extend the amount of time that they use these. But with extras in the lockers, and only two races left after WW Ranch, they're getting used up.

Checking out the engine cases over at Honda, it reminds us of some recent horror stories we've heard about engines and suspension going missing. Some teams have gotten much more aggressive about making sure that the labels won't go missing, that there's ID both inside and outside, and other measures to make sure it's easy to find. We can relate, as we recently shipped an engine out via UPS, and we're still waiting for confirmation that it's been located.

This was the first round in a while that Cooper Webb's bike had made it out of the truck, and we got hopeful for a second. But nope, he's still on the sidelines until '21.

Now that the news is out about the TLD team switching over to GasGas for next year (with both 250s and 450s), it's interesting to look over the equipment that'll have to get changed to the new colors. Troy and the gang already have a design in mind for the rig, and painting time has been scheduled. We can't wait to see what they come up with.

Hunter Falk making sure the pegs are sharp for Derek Drake.

Privateer life. Ben LaMay getting in some wrenching time on his 450 KTM.

Hmm...looks like they washed Justin Bogle's bike too long.

The rider flags flying above the Monster Energy Kawasaki rig? They're always hung according to the current point standings.

Mmm...bacon. Keeping teams fed is busy work for all the truck drivers.

Ken Roczen was on hand to do some TV announcing, and also some GoPro footage early in the day. (Check his IG page to see the result.)

What do the Dunlop guys do when they're done swapping tires, and it's time for the teams to go racing? They settle down in front of the TV mounted on the side of the rig (it's there, trust us), and watch the races there.

Mike Brown keeping an eye on Jalek Swoll.

Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha's Bobby Regan. He mentioned that they're looking for a training facility in Florida to house the team. He was also happy about their newest acquisition to the team, Nate Thrasher, who he's very excited about as a new prospect. They're trying to get him acclimated to the bike, and we may see him at a National before the season's over. So how did Nate make the move over to Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha squad? Well, it sounds like Star had something that the KTM/Husky/GasGas group wanted, and vice versa. While it's common to see trades in ball and stick sports, as far as we know, this was the first rider swap in MX/SX.

While in the early days, Blink was only too happy to play "Crappy Punk Rock" they obviously turned things around. AP Designs did this one for Adam Cianciarulo, and was it a little too punk rock? We hear the original version had even more graphics, but it got toned back before the race. Either way, it was a very cool lid that we're sure Adam add to his collection.

Hmm...we're not sure that's what they meant by a mask...

How about a few more pit boards that we spotted? Jelly giving some instructions to Justin Cooper.

That's Mathias Jorgensen's mechanic. According to Google Translate, fint equates to fine in Swedish.

Besides "Save Legs," we also saw "Save Energy" when Dylan Ferrandis had a big lead in moto one.

Jake Venada gives a few words of encouragement to Christian Craig before moto one. Jake handles the ministry duties for all the MX and SX rounds. Besides the fan Christian has here, we also saw the usual assortment of cooling vests being put to use to keep guys chilled before the gate drop.

There was a hose set up at the exit of the motos for any riders who wanted a cooling spray.

Ah yeah...that face you make when you get two ice-cold bottles of water dumped across your shoulders and the back of your neck.

While it wasn't as hot as last year's race in Jacksonville, the Alpinestars Mobile Medical guys were ready for any rider who had issues with the heat.

Christian Craig and Chase Sexton get a cooling dip after moto one. The rubber ducks were a nice touch.

Joey Savatgy coming up for air.

Zach Osborne getting animated with Aldon Baker after moto one. While other riders were in cool-down mode, Zach looked like he was ready to head back out for moto two.

Jordan Jarvis got the call just a few minutes before moto two that they needed her as an alternate. That made her the first female since '83 to race a National moto.

Jordan struggled a bit with a bike issue, but she showed solid speed. She'll try again at the last two Nationals...and she also earned her necessary Supercross points last year. She may sit out another year before she tackles that, though.

Colter Ahrens bolting up fresh suspenders for Mitchell Harrison.

The Alpinestars Race Services crew had an extra-large boot drying rack last weekend.

Weege making the rounds, and checking in with riders. RJ Hampshire is wrestling with an injured hip when he's not dropping out of the sky like he did in moto one.

Rich Taylor (right) has done and seen it all on the race and testing side of the sport. Now he's wrenching for his son, Richard, as well as running EKS Brand goggles.

This was the first time we'd spotted this particular camo set for Chase Sexton.

Max Anstie getting in his pre-practic stretches.

A pair of Red Dogs...both Little and Big.

This is pretty much perfect flagger style. Looking at his section (rather than watching the race), and ready to deploy the flag. The gang at WW Ranch looked like they had it going on.

It was odd seeing Justin Barcia posting on Instagram last week, trying to smooth over some comments made by his now ex-trainer.

Pipe plugs? Check. Air intake cover? Check. Then it's time to get after it with the pressure washer.

Jo Shimoda struggled a bit during the first practice on his first trip to WW Ranch. We spotted him after that one, hanging outside of the rig, trying to figure it out, rather than heading inside for the air-conditioned confines of the rig.

David Vuillemin and Dylan Ferrandis have a good collaboration going, and Dylan is killing it this year.

Buddy Antunez checking in with Mitch Payton.

It's always interesting watching the 250 guys working to get up off the seat and lever the back tire into the dirt. Cameron Mcadoo's style is always excellent on this.

It was cool to see Kyle Chisholm back on the bike for this weekend.

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