View From The Infield: The Hunt For Bigfoot 1

The crew shirts at Washougal featured a Bigfoot on them. Judging by the results, he wasn't hard to find. Eli kicked some butt in the Northwest.

View From The Infield: The Hunt For Bigfoot

If there was a Bigfoot to be found at Washougal this year it was the crowd, which looked like one of the biggest that we've seen there.

Ah yeah, there's nothing like a couple of F15s flying overhead at full afterburner during opening ceremonies to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Dylan Ferrandis had been on a roll, but a tough weekend at Spring Creek gave Adam Cianciarulo some extra breathing room in the 250 title chase. Dylan was looking to turn the heat up again.

Adam Cianciarulo has been the man in the 250 class for the summer.

As the 250 class headed into the first turn for moto one, it looked like a Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team meeting. The bigger news was also that Dylan Ferrandis got out of the gate well.

Justin Cooper led the first four laps, before Dylan Ferrandis hit the afterburners.

Adam Cianciarulo was in third spot throughout the first moto.

Watching the pack slither through the rutted esses was interesting, seeing who'd get creative and try to make something happen.

Gareth Swanepoel urging Justin Cooper to up the intensity and try to reel in Dylan Ferrandis.

Cameron McAdoo ended the day in seventh overall with a 6-8 score.

Zach Osborne taping up before moto one. He's not 100% after his recent shoulder injury, but is getting better, and the upcoming off weekend plays in his favor.

Eli Tomac was in for one of those days where everything clicks.

Joey Savatgy scored a couple great starts in Washington.

After his first 450 outdoor overall the previous week at Spring Creek, Cooper Webb had to settle for a fourth overall (3-5) at Washougal.

From left to right it's Fredrik Noren, Dean Wilson, and Justin Barcia. They were eighth, ninth, and tenth overall, respectively.

Outside of a little early morning drizzle, it was a perfect day for the assembled masses. Marvin Musquin picked up a fifth in moto one.

Joey Savatgy finished the day with a pair of sixths for seventh overall, while Jason Anderson's 4-7 was good for fourth overall.

Late in the moto, Eli was headed for the front and even a quick tip-over couldn't prevent him from chasing down Ken Roczen.

The Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha gang was up front off the start again in the second 250 moto.

Exiting the first turn, Dylan Ferrandis made some moves, and was out front shortly after.

Dylan Ferrandis, Adam Cianciarulo, and Michael Mosiman ran in this order for the entire moto. Adam did his best to chase down Dylan, but had to settle for second. His newfound patience is serving him well at this point.

Chase Sexton went 4-6 for fifth overall, while Alex Martin was ninth on the day.

Justin Cooper held off RJ Hampshire for fourth in moto two. Justin was third overall, and RJ was sixth for the day.

These two will be the focus of much of the attention as we head into the final three rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship season.

After a tough first moto, Marvin Musquin got a much better start. Joey Savatgy snuck by to grab the holeshot, but Marvin quickly got by and led the first 11 laps of the moto.

Ah yeah, classic Musquin style.

Ken Roczen was fourth at the end of the first lap, but quickly moved into second. Here he rockets up Horsepower Hill.

Eli Tomac was on fire in moto two. He was probably just inside the top 20 early on, and 12th by the end of the first lap. From there he went to work on a track that many thought was one-lined, picking off rider after rider.

Zach Osborne was ninth in moto one, but rebounded with a fourth in moto two, despite having one of the Acerbis track marker stakes wedged in the leading edge of his chain guard.

Just past the halfway point, Tomac got by Roczen for second spot.

In the closing laps, Tomac hunted down Musquin, and completed a 1-1 day. When he's on like that? It's a treat to watch. If there was a bigfoot to be found at Washougal, it was clearly Eli on this weekend. He kicked some major butt on this one.

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