View From The Infield: Crowning a King

As usual, the big screens at the end of the stadium provided plenty of replays, as well as a chance to work on some abstract art during the opening ceremonies.

Chad Reed making his entrance on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, a crash shortly after the start on the second main kept him on the sidelines for the rest of the event. He'll work on healing up as he heads to New Zealand next weekend for the Supercross down there.

Malcolm Stewart laid down the fastest lap during the Superpole this time around.

Enzo Lopes got the night started in the SX2 class with this holeshot. He drifted back to third by the end, but looked a lot more comfortable on the new equipment on Sunday than he did the day before.

While he's getting a little loose here, Brian Hsu was on fire in Paris. By the end of the weekend, he'd taken four of the six SX2 main event wins.

Jeremy Martin continued to put himself in good positions on the starts, and grabbed the holeshot in the first SX1 main.

Justin Hill kept the pressure on Jeremy Martin, but Jeremy hung on for his first win since returning from an extended absence due to the back injury he suffered well over a year ago.

Joey Savatgy had a solid night on Saturday, finishing on the podium, but a crash in the second main took him out of the night's action.

Yeah, that's about as stretched as it gets. We'd say it's Genki Watanabe in the saddle, but it's more like "barely attached."

Jarryd McNeil getting in some stretching of his own.

Hey, we have to give the guy below credit...he hung on all the way until the bitter end. In fairness, this was by far the longest one of these foot races that we've seen on a Supercross track.


Brian Hsu nailing another holeshot...and win in the second SX2 main.

Thomas Do and Jace Owen seemed to find themselves together a lot this weekend. They finished second (Do) and fourth (Owen) in this one.

Darian Sanayei finished Sunday with an 8-10-10 score in his main events.

Dylan Ferrandis led a good portion of the second SX1 main and looked ready to turn his weekend around.

Justin Barcia closed on him near the end, and after a bit of a cornering duel (one of those stop and go deals designed to prevent Ferrandis from squaring back up under Barcia), Dylan went down. The bad news was that the time spent in that corner allowed Malcolm Stewart to catch up to Barcia.

Mookie got by Barcia on the last lap to grab the win in the second Sunday SX1 main.

Here's how close it was at the finish. On the plus side, Justin Barcia was going into the final main event of the weekend with a healthy gap over everyone else in the chase for the King of Paris title.

Blasting off the line for the final SX2 main of the wekeend.

Break out the broom, because Brian Hsu swept this main event win, too.

Brian grabbed both the overall for the day, plus the Prince of Paris title.

Let's do this one more time! The pack heads toward turn one. Last chance... does anyone want to bet against Jeremy Martin grabbing another holeshot?

And... there he goes again. Jeremy Martin's holeshot percentage for the weekend was ridiculous.

Malcolm Stewart quickly got by and went to the front.

Dylan Ferrandis put some pressure on early in the main, but Malcolm had this one under control.

It was an unusual weekend for Dylan Ferrandis, with a mix of highs and lows. You can listen to him talk about it in the audio clip below.

Vince Friese and Justin Hill were about this far apart for much of the final main event, but it was Hill in front by the finish. Smartop MotoConcepts Racing should be pretty excited about their trio of riders heading into the 2020 season.

Yeah, Mookie. He stretched out about five seconds by the end of the final main.

While he didn't win on Sunday afternoon, Justin Barcia did grab the overall for the two nights.

It was a long road back from a broken femur, and while it's not a regular-season win, Malcolm Stewart was still pretty pumped to take the win on night two. Taking the last two (longest) races is a good sign for his fitness.

Some years he rules, other years he's overthrown. Either way, Justin Barcia is a multi-time King of the Paris Supercross.

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