View From The Infield: Magic Day

While Ken Roczen has struggled at times this year, the weekend off and trip to Unadilla resulted in a magical 1-1 day for him.

View From The Infield: Magic Day

As usual, the weekend at Unadilla starts with the introduction of Team USA for the MXoN. This year the crew includes Team Captain (Open) Zach Osborne, Justin Cooper (MX2), and Jason Anderson (MXGP).

After the presentation, Justin Cooper went out and nabbed the holeshot...though he slipped back in the pack a bit and ended up with a 4-4 score for the day.

Jerry Robin ripped a great start and ran in the top four for a bit. It was cool to see a true privateer mixing it up with the top guys. Crashes (including one in practice that damaged the cartilage in his sternum/ribs and one in the second moto that dinged a knee), dropped him in the overall.

Making the leap out of Screw U, with Kyle Peters, Ty Masterpool, and Carson Mumford. Ty had the best of this crew, with a 11-13 score and tenth overall.

Shane McElrath carving past Jerry Robin on is way to an 8-5 day, and sixth overall.

Justin Cooper led the first four laps of this moto, but yeah, that Adam Cianciarulo in hot pursuit.

Chase Sexton started seventh in the first moto, before advancing to third at the checkers.

Adam Cianciarulo led the last ten laps of the first 250 moto with Dylan Ferrandis hot on his heels, to take another win.

Justin Bogle and Eli Tomac were bar-to-bar through the first turn at the start of the first 450 moto.

Eli led a portion of the first lap, but Ken Roczen quickly jetted to the lead...and the win.

After his dominating performance at Washougal, it was weird to watch Eli slip back through the pack to an eventual seventh in moto one.

Justin Barcia was on the gas, and moved to third with his pass on Eli.

Benny Bloss was on the move in moto one, starting 23rd, and finishing ninth.

Ken Roczen seemed to be floating while everyone else was pinging around in the ruts and bumps. He was on another level in moto one. The question likely on everyone's mind was if he could do it again in moto two.

Kyle Peters nabbed the start in the second 250 moto, with title contenders Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo hot on his heels.

Jett Lawrence was the best of the 250 rookies moving up after Loretta's. He did have crashes in both motos (at least judging from the lack of a visor in both), but his 21-8 netted him 13th overall.

Dylan Ferrandis made a quick move to the front in moto two, and stayed there.

Jo Shimoda (36th overall), and Jalek Swoll (23rd overall) were among the other rookies.

RJ Hampshire crashed early in moto one and had to work his way up to finish 12th. Things went better in moto two, with a seventh.

Colt Nichols was fifth at Unadilla with a 5-6 score.

That one dude in the orange shirt seems pretty pumped about Dylan Ferrandis leading. Crowd turnout was pretty good on the hill next to Gravity Cavity.

After a tough few weeks after WW Ranch, Chase Sexton is looking more like his normal self, and picked off a third in both motos for a podium spot.

Rick "Ziggy" Zielfelder, and Adam Snyder keep an eye on their squad that included the trio of rookies.

While the day didn't net him any points to try and reel in Adam Cianciarulo, Dylan Ferrandis was still pumped on the overall win.

It's fun watching these two go at it...and it's been clean so far.

Score Dylan Ferrandis with the win, Adam Cianciarulo in second, and Chase Sexton in third.

AC serving up a little champagne to a parched fan.

Marvin Musquin nabbed the holeshot in the second 450 moto, and he led the first two laps. But see Ken Roczen back there? Cue up the theme music from Jaws.

Joey Savatgy finished the day in seventh spot, courtesy of a 6-6 score.

Benny Bloss and Henry Miller sharing the same airspace.

After two laps, Ken Roczen took over the lead from Marvin Musquin.


Eli Tomac was friskier in the second moto, and got by Zach Osborne for third. Zach is looking like he's returned to his form from earlier in the season (before his collarbone injury).

Kenny built up a nice lead before the finish, earning an Atta Boy from Oscar Wirdeman.

Thankful? You bet.

The weekend's Grand Marshal, Rick Johnson, pumping up the crowd after awarding Zach Osborne's third-place trophy.

Make it Ken Roczen for the win, Marvin Musquin second, and Zach Osborne third.

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