View From The Infield: Lights Out In Paris 1

The Paris Supercross is the grandaddy of off-season Supercross events, and night one of this year's pair of races is in the books. Come along on a video and audio tour of the paddock and race action.

View From The Infield: Lights Out In Paris

Jeremy Martin was excited to get in some more riding time in his return to racing, but was not exactly pumped about the size of the whoops during practice. They were pretty big, with some relatively grabby dirt. Fortunately, he looked a lot more comfortable once the night's action got started.

This was Justin Hill's first outing with the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing team, and he looked sharp during practice.

Dylan Ferrandis gets the role this year of defending the home turf for the French fans.

Justin Barcia was extolling the virtues of a more stock setting to pretty much anyone who'd listen. We'll admit, he looks like he can more aggressively on that setup, which suits his style.

Heath Harrison is working for the Phoenix Racing squad (which Jace Owen races for back home), and spinning wrenches for well as doing some off-road races. They brought out their own engine to use for the weekend.

How clean-looking are these 2B Racing Husqvarnas? This one belongs to Cedric Soubeyras.

Xavier Audouard checks in with Dylan Ferrandis. Xavier has been working on this race for 30-plus years.

The Smartop MotoConcepts Racing bikes are looking pretty clean. Look for blue to be the official color for the team bikes come A1.

The pits aren't huge, but they were packed during the afternoon qualifying sessions.

The giant video screens at the end of the stadium make for some really interesting backgrounds. Of course, having Chad Reed in the foreground isn't bad, either.

Ben Schiermeyer making notes on Chad Reed's setup during practice. We saw lots of furious note-taking going among the mechanics in attendance. Of course, we also heard of some mechanics making calls back to the U.S. (or as far as Australia) to get in touch with suspension techs for advice.

The pits are cozy, to say the least. Bikes, riders, and gear are stuck in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

With the close quarters, fans got an up-close look at the action with the teams and mechanics.

AP Designs did up a cool helmet for Dylan Ferrandis for the weekend.

The Paris Supercross always puts on a good show for the fans.

This year's intro had an intro that mimicked a popular French TV show, and it looked a bit like a Mission Impossible theme. Watching Dylan Ferrandis roll in without a helmet was interesting.

The Dali-style masks on the screen hid the identities of the riders until they were unveiled.

The French crowd enjoyed seeing Chad Reed make his return to the Paris Supercross.

There was a solid crowd on hand for Saturday night's action.

Despite switching from his race engine to a stocker before the night action started, Justin Hill took the Superpole, clocking the fastest lap

It was funny, while we interviewed Joey Savatgy on Friday, he told us that there was nothing signed and that it was only a three-race deal for the off-season. Of course, the intent was to make it happen for '20, and the lawyers and agents finally got everything squared away probably less than an hour after our chat. He'll spend '20 as Suzuki's sole factory 450 with the JGRMX squad.

Malcolm Stewart was impressive at the Monster Energy Cup, and equally impressive during practice, qualifying third.

There's Team TwoTwo. Ellie made the trip over to France and will head back home to pick up the kids before traveling down under for the next couple of races.

Thomas Do is the multi-time SX2 champ in France, and he quickly jumped out in front of their first (of three) SX2 main events.

Jace Owen had a 4-2-3 night for third overall. Yannis Irsuti went 3-4-6 for fourth.

Jeremy Martin was the early leader in the first SX1 main, but Justin Hill took over the top spot.

Justin Hill was leading the first SX1 main when he left the door wide open in the next turn, and Dylan Ferrandis went for the block pass. Justin ended up over the berm, and almost into the lane of oncoming traffic. Ferrandis went on to win this one, but didn't look particularly happy about how it went down.

We'll just drop this here. Jarryd McNeil's one-handed nac-nac is ridiculous.

Jeremy Martin had his starts on lock and jumped out in front again in the second SX1 main. Justin Barcia later got by him for the lead.

Barcia couldn't hold off the hard-charging Mookie, who he took home the second SX1 main event win.

Brian Hsu (third from right) grabbed the holeshot and took the final SX2 main event win, as well as second overall.

Darian Sanayei finished in eighth overall with a 7-10-8 score.

Jace Owen and Thomas Do each had their strong points on the track, and battled for a bit in the final SX2 main, but Do edged out Owen for the second spot.

Ah, is that why they call it the city of lights?

How about a little tandem freestyle? While it was fun to watch, we think we'll pass on riding shotgun.

Double-up backflip? Sure, why not? The setup for this was interesting. It looked like it had really stiff suspension, a built-up seat, and pegs for the passenger.

David Rinaldo getting just a little wicked.

It seemed the only consistent thing about Saturday night's action was inconsistency. Lots of the potential winners had issues during the night.

Jeremy Martin had the edge going into the first turn in the final main, but after a little bumping and banging, Vince Friese moved out front. The audio clip below covers his impressions of the first night.

Joey Savatgy had to scratch and claw his way through the pack for a second-place finish in the final main. Take away his tenth-place finish in the second main, and he'd have been in contention for the overall. Check the audio clip below to hear from Joey.

Dylan Ferrandis went down in the first turn again in the final main, finished in eighth, and just missed out on the podium. He and Joey Savatgy each had 14 points, but Joey had the higher finish in the final main.

Justin Barcia was plenty excited to grab the final main event win, which also wrapped up the overall. That puts him in the top spot for the King of Paris title. Click the play button to hear from him.

Here's your top three from Saturday night, with Justin Barcia, Vince Friese, and Joey Savatgy. There's still a lot of stories left to be written here. We can't wait to see how Sunday's action plays out.

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