Training Talk (While Training): Chasing Sexton and Craig 3

Instead of just talking about training, we "trained" along with Christian Craig and Chase Sexton of the GEICO Honda team on a mountain bike ride.

Training Talk (While Training): Chasing Sexton and Craig

Talk is cheap. I can sit across a table from racers and pick their brains about getting ready for Supercross all day long. But what if I joined them on an actual training mountain bike ride? Team GEICO Honda's Christian Craig and Chase Sexton both ride MTB for training and I decided that I should get a first hand look at what is involved, and conduct the interview while riding. Then I decided that was a horrible idea since professional motocross racers are 10 times more fit than me. I wouldn't have a chance of keeping up, let alone be able ask questions between desperate gasps for air. 

That's why I (sort of) cheated. While Chase and Christian are on their typical training bikes, Intense Sniper XC cross country bikes, I was on an e-bike, the Intense Tazer. This way, as the going got tough, I could dial up the power on my bike allowing me to easily cruise while they were grinding it out. Since these are my local trails, I've ridden these climbs on my cross country bike so I do know how hard they are and what kind of power is needed to make it to the top without help. I was seriously amazed that both Craig and Sexton were able to climb these accents at the speeds we were going while being able to think and talk. I had no issues but I was in the highest assist mode the whole time and wouldn't have even seen them without the Tazer. Even more impressive was that this training ride was after a full day of testing at the Honda supercross track. 


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