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Are you fishing for something new to listen to? So were we, and when we hit up James "Bones" Bacon about doing a podcast, he said, "Sure, as long as we can go fishing while we do it." Bones headed up the suspension side of Pro Circuit for over three decades and slipped into retirement about a year ago. We couldn't let him get away that easily.

The Inside Line Podcast | James


Bones with his wife, Debbie.

Here's the picture we talked about during the podcast, where Bones and a friend of his had their bikes loaded up behind a Pinto station wagon to head to California to race.

While it suited his 6' 5" frame, racing a 125 Husky was a bit of a challenge power-wise. Listen in, and you'll hear about how Bones made it a little more "competitive" with the Japanese brands.

Bones grabbing the holeshot on one of his later bikes. This is the one that he mentions in the podcast that had been heavily modified

The early days of Pro Circuit were not always serious business.

You can blame Goat Breker for this bike-in-the-tree prank.

Bones and Mitch with Dean Wilson.

Getting Christophe Pourcel's bike dialed in.

Bones picked up this Lifetime Achievement Award from Mechanix Wear a full ten years before he retired.

It looks like Bones caught a couple of lunkers here.

Working in the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki truck.

It was a process to dial in the air forks...particularly on years where they had a large number of riders.

Bones and GuyB, multitasking. Fishing and podcasting? Why not? We hope you enjoyed this one.

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