Supercross de Paris: Day Two, Look and Listen 2

Check out highlights of the action, and listen to interviews with Zach Osborne, Jeremy Martin, Tyler Bowers, Cole Seely, and Marvin Musquin.

It was cool to see Jean-Michel Bayle still sporting his technical skills and wheelying down the start straight during opening ceremonies. He'd won the Paris Supercross (in the old Bercy Stadium) in '90 and '91, and was also Supercross champ in the U.S. in '91. This was the 35th Paris Supercross, and they've held something like 106 nights of racing. That sounds like it could be the most of any city in the world.

A couple of the berms at the U Arena were no joke. Check out the lean angle on Dean Wilson here.

Once again, Marvin Musquin grabbed the Bud Racing-sponsored Superpole, this time by a couple of tenths over Dean Wilson.

With the Superpole finished, the riders lined up for the first Sprint race. Marvin Musquin grabbed the holeshot, and Zach Osborne kept the pressure on early, but Marv got away in the later stages.

After a practice crash on Saturday morning, Jeremy Martin had a swollen and bruised wrist that kept him off the bike on the first day. He got it checked out at a local hospital, and those x-rays were negative. He taped up his wrist and went for it on Sunday. He was out of the top ten in the first Sprint race, ninth in the second one, and fifth in the Finale.

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Zach Osborne scored second in that first Sprint race, which was pretty much the highlight of his night. We like the way he looks on a 450, though.

The 100% Supercross, 100% Freestyle, and 200% Show slogan definitely fits the Paris Supercross. It's a spectacle, and a cool way for racers to get in a whole lot of pre-season testing over a couple of days. The freestyle? That the show part, and these guys kill it.

During intermission, former MXer turned Rally Racer, Antoine Meo came out and hucked some of the big jumps on his rally bike.

The fan's pick for the best race of the night? That likely went to the second Sprint race, where Cole Seely and Marvin Musquin dueled back and forth. Cole was charging in the whoops, and grabbed the win.

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The, SX2 Finale was red-flagged after a crash from a couple of the competitors early on. That helped out Tyler Bowers, who got a much better start the secon time around.

Thomas Do was the early leader. During the break after the red flag, he was trying to chat with Tyler Bowers, but the language barrier made things a little tough. You can check out the audio from Tyler for more on that.

French 250 series points leader, Yannis Irsuti, had won his heat race, and grabbed third in the main event.

Tyler Bowers looked much better on Sunday than Saturday, and was using the whoops to his advantage. He worked his way to the front, and grabbed a well-deserved main event win.

Tyler Bowers scored the number one plate for the night (and won a YCF pit bike, that the team got to keep). Yannis Irsuti (3rd) scored the Prince of Bercy title, and Thomas Do (right) was second.

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The final race of the weekend launches off the line, with Marvin Musquin getting the jump. The starting gate was a little unusual here. Yes, it had the metal grate that's now pretty well standard, but the gate itself angled up, making sort of a jump on the start

Cole Seely was right on Marvin early on, but couldn't get quite close enough to get by. Marv crept away in the later stages.

Like many of the races on the weekend, Marv stretched out his lead in the main, grabbed another checkered flag, and also collected his second King of Paris title.

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Zach Osborne didn't get a great start in the main, but moved to fourth by the end of the night.

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In the annual team competition, Team France took the win. Accepting the trophy, it was (left to right) Fabien Izoird, Marvin Musquin, and Cedric Soubeyras.

Team Musquin was pretty happy with his weekend's results. From left to right, it's Aldon Baker, Mathilde Musquin; and on the other side of Marvin it's his mechanic, Frankie Latham.

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