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ML's Picks

ML's Take: Hell...YES... Congrats on the big week Avery!

ML's Take: Four more, get it Deano!

ML's Take: Drool...


ML's Take: 2Pac or Biggie?

ML's Take: Good sport.

ML's Take: It's almost time.

Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Cole Seely has to be a title favorite for the World Supercross 250 title. 

Grant's Take: Deano has got some cool farewell tour merch for sale now. Grab a shirt if you’re so inclined. 

Grant's Take: It’s race week!!!

Grant's Take: Death, taxes, and Mike Brown winning titles at Loretta’s.

Grant's Take: Look at these “young guns”. 

Grant's Take:  Oof. 

Grant's Take: It’ll be interesting to see how this kid does as a pro. 

Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: I want to see T-Dags get a win so bad!

Jamie's Take: It’s really cool to see the USMCA growing and helping our youth out.

Jamie's Take: Heeeeeee’s BAAACCCCK! Hoping Dylan spices things up

Jamie's Take: Happy for this Texas kid getting the job done at Loretta’s.

Jamie's Take: Kevin Moranz after he heard I got a YZ250.

Jamie's Take: We’ve all been there.


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