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Klinger's Picks

Klinger's Take: I'll say it again... Old moto adds where out there. But I still dig it. 

Klinger's Take: That triple flip, that's the real deal man. Remember when one flip was completely bonkers?

Klinger's Take: Not to get mushy but this is so inspiring. So good to see Blake just killin' in. 

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Day 130 r .covery update. Trying to get some .core strength back! That’s what’s holding me back right now. I need some .core strength to .control my pelvic position better. I was actually pretty stoked, I was able to do 2 pull-ups, and hang for 15sec before my hands gave out. It’s definitely a sign of progress, and thankful I can even do that cause I was originally told I shouldn’t even have upper body movement. But you can never really believe anything that someone tells you like that. I’ve got to be honest, it’s been rough lately. Not so much with my therapy and making progress, but just mentally. It’s tough being limited to what you can do. I want to be out training and doing my job, and going to races, but I know I’ll get back to that. Some days I’m totally fine, the next I’m totally bummed out and over it. It’s a rolle .coaster for sure that’ll take you to some dark places. It’s just another test to see how tough you really are as a human. I’ll keep my head up and keep on working, and I’ll never settle till I’ve reached a full r .covery. Thank you to @bayleesnow, and my parents for keeping me in line, and always being there for me. I .couldn’t do it without you guys. And all the people that message me, telling me they get some inspiration out of my .comeback, I appreciate all the positive messages. Everyone supporting me though @road2r .covery, you guys are amazing, and I .couldn’t do this without your support either. It really helps to get the best therapy possible.

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Klinger's Take: Style for days, that's TP's MO. 

Klinger's Take: Is there a global gate flinch conspiracy?! 

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Klinger's take: Ever been so tired after a moto you can't even get off the bike?

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Klinger's Take: Too much scrub. 

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Eli was feeling it on press day at Fox Raceway. 

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Dogs gotta eat @elitomac who’s your pick for tomorrow?

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Grant's take: Riding a mountain bike on a rutted motocross track...what could go wrong? 

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1st alternate at yesterday’s race

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Grant's take: K-Dub never fails to entertain. 

 Grant's take: Enjoy a lap with The Doctor himself! 

Grant's take: Congrats to Tanel Leok on locking down 250 GP starts. Incredibly impressive. 

GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: Beware modern art. 

GuyB's take: Our annual summer road trip has started, and we’re seeing the usual suspects out on the highway. 

GuyB's take: Uh-oh... He's back...

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Guess who’s back, back again... @rickheusschen

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