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Klinger's Picks

Klinger's Take: Got to do what you got to do. 

Klinger's Take: "Samsonite! Man, I was way off."


Klinger's Take: Normally you see a crazy trick on his social, but this time... it's dad goals. 

Klinger's Take: This is a TBT that he probably wants to forget

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#tbt safe to say this wasn’t the ou .come I had in mind

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Klinger's Take: This is just an epic shot. 

Non-moto pick: Warp speed, ENGAGED!

Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: The track at the opening round of the Canadian Arenacross Championship was a little rutty...

Grant's Take: We’d like to see you back as well, Shane. Also, the Great Outdoors are right around the corner!

Grant's Take: Baby Davalos is on the way! 

Grant's Take: The pure Joy on Tomac's face is priceless. 

Grant's Take: Stankdog is gonna ride the last couple of rounds of Supercross for Rockwell Yamaha, and he’s going to have some special Slayer themed gear as well. 

Grant's Take: Tim Gajser and Antonio Cairoli were absolutely going at it in Trentino.

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Heart of a @AntonioCairoli // : @MXGP

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GuyB's Picks

GuyB's Take: Such a bummer. Jesse loved all thing two-wheled, including moto. 

GuyB's Take: It’s not 12:00 where this guy is riding. 

GuyB's Take: Denny Stephenson pulled no punches on his analysis of the 250 race at Nashville. 

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So I got a .couple messages suggesting I check out @justi .cooper_32's IG page because he was getting destroyed in the .comments section. And was asked what I thought .considering I do enjoy and appreciate the occasional block pass every once in a while. For one, if you do it right, you don't have to worry about him for the rest of the race & s .condly, if you get a chance to do it again to them before they can "seek their revenge", you mentally own them and everytime you're behind them, they will be more .concerned of you than the track. But like @rickycarmichael said last night, you NEVER be foolish enough to both end up on the ground. Unless it's the last .corner on the last lap and you get up before he does to win the race. Altho, NEVER EVER do it on the first lap. Let me say this tho after rewatching those opening laps. Sexton ran it in on Justin in the .corner before racing back up the start straight. Justin flinched, stood it up and jumped off the outside of the bowl. In his mind. "That was aggressive. Fuck him. I need to immediately retaliate." Mind you, these are a .couple freshman, sophomore 250 SX riders who were both just given a gift by the dominant points leader. Emotions are thru the roof with these two kids. Justin now has more fire than rational thoughts in his eyes & foolishly dive bombs Chase. The pass wasn't the problem. The fact is, Justin probably hasn't had to make a move like that very often in his young career and let me tell you, like anything on a dirt bike, it takes a certain skill to know when to make .contact & then get away as they fall. Wait a moment to long before turning down, the other guy falls on you. And you're both on the ground looking like a fool. Last but not least, there's the how you handle it afterwards, when all eyes are on you. Bottom line, when asked, the bumbling apology just makes you look even worse to fans. Own exactly why you did it & if push .comes to shove, you'd do it again but next time, it will only be you on the ground. The passionate fans of this sport know when to call bullshit & would appreciate some .cold hard truth every now & again. I don't blame Justin in the least. Just tighten up a few things. Live & learn.

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GuyB's Take: Austin Forkner’s mom can dispense some great advice. 

GuyB's Take: Here’s some perspective. Oh, and happy birthday, Jason. 

GuyB's Take: Mathilde riding with Marvin cheering her on... Are we in an alternate universe?

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