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Michael's Take: Swipe through (or click the arrow on the photo) to see the whole sequence. Damn Sean, damn! 

Michael's Take: Story time with Gary Sutherlin, pretty cool one here, so take a second to read his full caption and swipe through to see some clips of him and McGrath racing.

Story-time! I grew up idolizing @jeremymcgrath, I mean he’s the king right and being a kid from Montana I will never forget the first time I witnessed the pros in 1999 at the washougal National. From that point on I knew I wanted to pursue a career racing. That same day I waited in line to get the only autograph I wanted on a hat I never wore:). Fast forward to 2005 when I was graduating high school and with my passion to work on dirtbikes I applied at MMI. My recruit at the time informed me Jeremy was giving away a scholarship to attend MMI so I sent in a video(wish i still had it)hoping I would get it but I didn’t. I did receive a poster that is framed personalized to Gary and signed by the king himself. Fast forward again, 2018 my first vet race, as the weekend went on I spoke with MC off and on and he even joked before one start that my headlight wasn’t turned on. The last Moto of the last day I had the opportunity to line up next to him and I told @christylacurl make sure you get a pic, she starts laughing and was like is this why you lined up here? Hell ya!!! Then the thought of oh no don’t squid out and take him out hahahaha well luckily I didn’t but I got the best start I had all weekend and was s .cond behind MC. After following him for 3/4 of lap I made the move, nervous as can be we shut off .coming into the .corner and he yelled enthusiastically and in that moment I .couldn’t believe that this was real. If you would have told me at 12 yrs old I’d ever line up next to MC and race with him I wouldn’t have believed you. Dreams .come true but it’s not something that happens overnight and it may take 20 years for you to get the chance to chat with the guy you always looked up to. Thanks Mc for being so humble and kind and still a great role model for all the kids today. #twinning #

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Michael's Take: Can you imagine getting up every morning to train on this track?

Michael's Take: HA! Check out this artwork from Lars Lindstrom, wonder what's under the other rider's seats...

Michael's Take: NEED, I NEED THIS.

Michael's Take: I also want this...

Michael's Take: I think I'd just throw it in the garbage, yikes!

Michael's Take: How do people do this to their bikes? 

Michael's Take: RedBud has some rabid Justin Barcia fans.

Michael's Take: Damn...


Michael's Take: Merica! RedBud on the fourth weekend is just all kinds of right.

Saturday night at @redbudmx

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Michael's Take: Lets give this guy a round of applause, he did pretty well in the booth.

Michael's Take: Seriously? So lame...we've got a poll up on the homepage if you want to chime in on this one...

Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: Skin...coming off...ouch...

When you get put in the washer and dryer. This is old footage

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Michael's Take: Ha!

Michael's Take: Run it out!


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