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​Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Well dad, get on it! Ha...

When you wanted the big trophy but daddy got a plaque.... @freestylephotocross

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Michael's Take: A peak into Trey Canard's new gig.

Michael's Take: Caption this.

@jgrmx crew! @autotrader .com @suzukicycles

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Michael's Take: A batch of scrubs to kick off this Monday morning.

Michael's Take: Cool look at this old perimeter framed, PDS shock KTM prototype.

Michael's Take: The racing in the UK is tight and exciting...Dan Reardon shows the good and bad of this racing.

Michael's Take: Congrats to Zach Osborne and his family on the newest addition. 

Michael's Take: Twitch has a pretty unique new look for his ride.   

Michael's Take: Ken Roczen's A2 helmet had some serious meaning for him.

Michael's Take: It happens, even to the best...

Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: It's hot Down Under this time of year, respect.

Michael's Take: In soviet Russia...

Don’t mess with her! Credit - @ufcrussia

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Michael's Take: This is what I expected to happen when I first watched The Last Jedi...morbid but obvious.

Michael's Take: Cool or overkill?

Michael's Take: Phil's a passionate guy...and surprisingly good at this...awkward, ha!

Michael's Take: Open fire!

Michael's Take: WHAT THE HELL...

  • MohMoto14

    1/22/2018 11:03 AM

    Guy on the bike shooting bottle rockets was funny shit. Looked like he has had some practice too.

  • spd721

    1/22/2018 9:52 AM

    Why would you have a fence like that and a park?? Thats just asking someone to get seriously hurt.

  • Rockinar

    1/22/2018 3:55 PM

    Well, you're not supposed to be trying to jump the fence with giant spikes on it that will impale you to death. Just like you're not supposed to eat Tide Pods or else the obvious happens. Morons will do it anyway. Fine by me. Thin out the poor genetics.

  • TJMX947

    1/22/2018 9:44 AM

    My friend tried to climb a fence like that once and slipped...he wasn't so lucky. Hung there for 15 minutes while going into shock and his friends didn't hear his screams inside the house. Nasty scar!

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