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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: In case you missed it...It's here, after ten long years!

Michael's Take: Sadly, I need one of these...

Michael's Take: Kai is moving up from Arenacrash to Supercrash! You got this Kai!

Michael's Take: That Stankdog-scrub...

Michael's Take: Good, now I have someone to blame for last night's loss... In case you missed it, we did an entire Social Scoop dedicated to BadNewsPhil here. It's still on the homepage, check it out.

Michael's Take: Would you ride it?

Michael's Take: Still moto...drooling over Nicky Hayden's new Red Bull Honda World Superbike. I hope Nicky can bring home the title and he the first guy to pick up both a MotoGP and WSBK championship.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: For those of us that don't get to attend a Supercross race aren't privy to the rider introductions in opening ceremonies, so here's Malcolm's.

Scottie's Take: Jeffrey got some slick lids to start the season.

Scottie's Take: Congrats to Coop on his first big boy podium in Oakland! 1st of many...

Scottie's Take: We have seen the #17 on some pretty iconic bikes, this year it belongs to Joey Savatgy.

Scottie's Take: Don't know if it was just the drank, no brains doesn't help.

Scottie's Take: This is a beautiful pic, the hands of God are shining down upon them.

Scottie's Take: Throwback to the beginning of a powerhouse. See you next week!

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