Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Well, he'll be digging sand out for a few days...


Michael's Take: The old man still has it.


Michael's Take: There's so much win in this photo.


Michael's Take: Well, that didn't end how I expected.


Michael's Take: Arenacrash strikes again.


Michael's Take: Want to know what the industry thinks of Dean Wilson, take a look here.


Michael's Take: So oldschool.


Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: We've all seen the teasers, but the wait's almost over. Tuesday the 10th, Terrafirma94 drops.


Scottie's Take: First wins are very special, and here Shane gives us his thoughts.


Scottie's Take: Anderson with the quote of the week.


Scottie's Take: The Musquin support system is a wonderful thing, something all marriages should strive for.


Scottie's Take: Cool B&W throwback to A1 with RV.


Scottie's Take: R2R has these cool shirts to support Jessy, as we keep him in our thoughts and prayers.


Scottie's Take: Got wheels? Just need tires. See you next week!


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