Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Send in the test dummy! Poor Carson...

Michael's Take: Now that's how you break in a bike! Whoops...

Michael's Take: This is Tom. Tom likes to ride his dirtbike...Tom likes to shovel big booters...then Tom likes to send it upside down off said booters. Why can't I be like Tom?

Michael's Take: How I spent my Christmas day...

Michael's Take: Why can't we have more of this in moto? Cheesy but still cracks me up a lil.

Michael's Take: It's a shame we don't get to see more of the custom knee braces out there, because there are some pretty rad ones!

Michael's Take: That's a lot of graphics...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Cody Webb's a tree hugger.

Scottie's Take: As much as I'm looking forward to the stacked 450 class this year, I'm just as excited to see this kid on a SX track. He's looking lethal!

Scottie's Take: Tell me that doesn't make you want to keep the feet on the pegs and just rail her wide open.

Scottie's Take: A happy Chad Reed is a dangerous one, lets hope he has some more W's in him. Btw: that helmet is awesome!

Scottie's Take: Greg has Top Jimmy's bike looking truly incredible. To see more bikes of the 2017 SX series, visit our homepage.

Scottie's Take: We're just days away now from the kickoff at A1 and I'm already having trouble sleeping!

Scottie's Take: Someone's neck had to be sore the next day...ouch! See you next week.

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