Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Little dude on the 50 going big!

Michael's Take: The racing season and off-weekend tests have taken a beating on the riders, and some decided to take things a bit easier this weekend to recoup. This is how Cole Seely spent his time away from the races.

Michael's Take: Now that's the definition of a faceplant.

Michael's Take: Typically, tires don't work too well in that mounting position.

Michael's Take: How many people do you know that can throw a whip then send it straight into a nasty rock section?

Michael's Take: Jason Anderson popping wheelies on his weekend away from the races. This one went right, the other not so much (check the homepage).

Michael's Take: Non-moto, but this really made my day...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Memories... I remember getting in trouble during History class during my sophomore year in highschool for reading this issue of Minicycle mag.

Scottie's Take: That's art and inspiration.

Scottie's Take: This just made me smile :-)

Scottie's Take: Brett Cue had a very scary get off at xgames, and a laundry list of injuries to go with it....

Scottie's Take: ...then went out on national TV in his skivvies. Get well soon Brett!

Scottie's Take: This is just a really cool shot... PERIOD.

Scottie's Take: CR22 at Maggiora, the scene of team USA's epic victory at the '86 MXDN. See you next week.

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