Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Huge congrats to Rickie Fowler! The Amateur Motocross racer turned Professional Golf Star just took the biggest win of his career, just days after being named the most over-rated player in a Sport Illustrated pole by his fellow players. Karma is a B1$#%!
Kyle Chisholm: So pumped for my guy @therealrickiefowler !!! Killed it at #theplayerschampionship today! #champ Now it's my turn next weekend! You guys deserve it! @taylorkfowler @dlawrence70 #lynn @rodfowler14

Michael's Take: Check out this trippy corner track that Taylor Robert and some of his buddies made.
Taylor Robert: 8 deep in the escargot this weekend was pretty fun. @dmccarthy492 @gavin514mccarthy @noahkepple @bubba_warren @codywarren159 @d_schmoke and Lance. Absolutely perfect conditions

Michael's Take: I think Wil Hahn will be green for many years to come.
Wil Hahn: My relationship with @2driver_big_b summed up in one video.... Your welcome!! @22drivershniz creeping, thanks for the vid @mikejwilliamson

Michael's Take: Sounds like Nick Wey is going to give it another go, good luck HAM!
Nick Wey: 241 days until A1 #kickthedooruntilitopens #lol #butseriuosly

Michael's Take: That's a hell of a carry-on.
Kyle Regal: Championship trophy getting a piggy back ride through the airport today!! @rockstarenergy P/C @professor296

Michael's Take: So gnarly....
Travis Fant: Frame grab I snagged of the champ @codywebb2 doin his thing. Off road is so fun to shoot. I taught Cody all he knows.

Michael's Take: Team Chiz is picking up some support from the Kawasaki crew.
Kyle Chisholm: Went up to Kawi this week and it was like Christmas morning for me! I want to give a big thanks to @kawasaki @kawasakiusa and all the guys there for stepping up and helping me more for outdoors! I appreciate it guys! Ready to put it all to good use and do some work outdoors!! #TeamChiz

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: First off, Happy Belated Mothers Day to all you awesome moto moms out there!
Ken Roczen: Happy Mothers Day to my sweet momma. Love you and have a great day.

Scottie's Take: Like the caption says, you can never have too much carbon fiber.
Jeffrey Beerdsen: One cannot have too much Carbon fiber on an MX bike. Carbon subframe - endcap combo. #carbonporn

Scottie's Take: This is what it's all about, well done Kyle.
Kyle Partridge: This beautiful face is the reason I worked so hard this year. For that I get to have fun on my Dirtbike this summer and most importantly be a dad. He is my mini. And my best friend. This is quite possibly one of the my favorite pics of the ENTIRE season at the races and the legend with the shot is none other then @realstevecox #LandonBrettPartridge

Scottie's Take: Do i really need a caption for this one? :-)
Cooper Webb: Baes in an open relationship... #lovemy17machine @jessharbour

Scottie's Take: Round one is so close, I can almost taste it.
RCH Racing: #1 looks good on him! Ready for @promotocross on @nbcsports and @mavtv !! @Soaringeagleresort @jimmyjohns @suzukicycles @ramtrucks @bel_raycompany @rockfordfosgate @suzukicycles #motocross #moto #rchracing

Scottie's Take: Jeffrey is not a big fan of Dylan Ferrandis right now, there's been a little scrum going on social media about Ferrandis' starting "technique."
Jeffrey Herlings: What a clown.

Scottie's Take: See you next week... right after Hangtown!
Marvin Musquin: #whipitwednesday Photo: @drewruizphoto at the @bakersfactory

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