Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Ever wondered what it looks like to stand on a podium in front of over 30,000 fans? Huge congrats to the French des Nations team of Gautier Paulin, Steven Frossard, and Dylan Ferrandis, who will carry the number 1, 2, and 3 plates in Ernee, France next year.

Gautier Paulin: Enjoy this special moment with me! Thanks @GoPro for saving those unbelievable images!

Michael's Take: Chad Reed and the rest of team Australia had a very rough weekend, that I'm sure they'd rather forget. Now Chad has to convince the misses that he needs to race in France next year, good luck with that one mate!

Chad Reed: Yep that hurt! As I let the clutch out my start hook popped up which is why I was even in this position.

Michael's Take: If you recently saw a large MotoSport canopy in your neighborhood, you know now who you're living next to.

Daniel Castloo: The HOA didn't know what hit em when we moved in tha neighborhood! Day off of riding means cleaning the rig canopy in tha driveway! Hahaa @motosportinc @joshhansen100

Michael's Take: I love seeing how crazy some countries and riders get with their gear at des Nations, national pride!

Antonio Cairoli: Il mio set up per il trofeo Delle Nazioni 2014! My #MXoN2014 gear!!

Michael's Take: Team Great Britain almost had USA off the podium, but due to a mechanical, they were relegated to 4th place. The team made an odd decision by bumping Dean Wilson up to the 450 and having Tommy Searle step down to a 250. As Tommy demonstrates though, it was a pretty good idea.

Tommy Searle: Had a good few days on the 250 now i'm looking forward to flying out to Latvia tomorrow #TeamGB #MXON

Michael's Take: More National pride at its best!

Moto Magazine: Team Ireland will be hoping for 'the luck of the Irish' tomorrow in the #MXON 'B' Final , trying to claim the last slots for the main races as they ended the qualifying today just one place short of the cut in 20th overall. #latvia #mxon #moto

Michael's Take: I was lucky enough to attend MXdN in 2010 and the two USGPs held at Glen Helen. At each event, I saw more of this than I'd care to remember... is this what warm beer does to people?, ha!

Lars Lindstrom: Totally normal at des nations to have someone from the UK streaking, lol

Michael's Take: It would be so cool to race a national on the same track your father did as a pro.

Matt Bisceglia: Pretty cool! Found a pic of my pops racing the Washougal national. Aghhhh hard for me to put a year on this pic since it was probably before I was born. Possibly 93 or 94ish. About 12 years after my dad raced his last national was my rookie year this year.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: It doesn't get much cooler than this.

Josh Grant: I'm pretty sure I created a monster yesterday! One of the coolest moments ever. Thanks @bryan__hartman for snapping this one off. #happylivingthenow #epicmoments @hltnco @teamtoyota

Scottie's Take: This is one of the most iconic posters / ads of all time and it's so cool hearing the back story.

Pete Fox: This ad I created featuring Doug Henry is one I am most proud of. My idea came when Doug was making a comeback after breaking his back in a terrible crash at Budds Creek. My brother and I had spent days at the hospital with Doug after his surgery where the doctors put a titanium cage along his spine and fused some vertebrae in place. In those dark times it seemed impossible to think that Doug would ever ride a motocross bike again. Not only did he ride again, but he raced. And not only did he race, but he went on to win races and the 1998 MX Championship. I wanted to honor Doug, and also inspire all of us to fight to overcome whatever challenges and obstacles we have in our own lives. “What’s stopping you?” #fox #mx #moto #motocross #motolife

Scottie's Take: Red Bull Straight Rhythm is coming soon, and it sure will be nice to see this guy back! Plus, it's just an awesome photo.

James Stewart: Let it shine baby.

Scottie's Take: Tommy Weeck gets major style points for this one.

Tommy Week: We nailed it. @washougalmxpark @maxjacobsen713 #roadjump #stylepoints

Scottie's Take: As most know by now, our guys didn't quite get it done over the weekend in Latvia. But here's a rad flashback with Rick Johnson.

Racer X: Here's another legend @therickyjohnson in #1986 at Maggiora... #TeamUSAMX #MXoN14 @promotocross #motocross #supercross #moto #mx #promotocross @foxheadinc

Scottie's Take: Happy Anniversary to the Windhams!

Kevin Windham: Life is good. The old#14 is on his #14 wedding anniversary!

Scottie's Take: I can't think of another rider that's more excited for the 2015 season to get here...

Adam Cianciarulo: My wheelies suck, but that kit tho...

Scottie's Take: See you next week!

Tommy Week: #whipitwednesday #lookbackatit @ericsenk

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