Sneak Peek: Fox's New Goggle 2

At Honda's 2018 team launch, Ken Roczen quietly debuted Fox's newest goggle...

For decades, Fox has been known as a quality gear brand and in more recent years they've been upping the rest of their visual product game. Fast forward to today, they now have one of the most successful high-end boots on the market with the Instinct and a very desirable helmet with the V3...featuring MIPS and MVRS (Magnetic Visor Release System).

With those products, they have top athletes in motocross around the world but with a key piece missing, goggles. Yes, Fox has a goggle range and it was updated not too long ago actually. But the product and the timing wasn't the best, as the market shifted right around that point to large fields of vision, larger frames or "frameless" like goggles, and injected lenses which are held in with rigid frames or retention systems for safety. With that,the majority of their athletes have used competitors products and based off some peeks of blacked out goggles on Fox staff and riders like Ken Roczen as of late, it was obvious they were working on something new. 

This new goggle, which we're not sure on its model name yet, has been in development for at least two years now...with Ken Roczen being the main rider doing development work. Last year, Ken was still in Oakley goggles but we had heard that he was actually signed as a head-to-toe Moto LAB (a Fox internal project/brand) athlete. Due to the new goggle being not quite ready yet, he rode in Oakley product for another year (until his injury) even though he wasn't one of their signed riders any longer. But as K-Roc debuted for us at the 2018 HRC Honda intro this week, the goggle is out of the "blacked-out" stage and seems to have a final design.

This new goggle falls into the larger frame territory, using a injected lens as the trend is going. The most prominent feature is the outriggers, which cover the corners of the lens themselves. As far as we're aware, this is because the outriggers are part of what retains the lens into the frame, which likely has a gasket behind it for sealing purposes.

The red outer ring is a faceplate, which likely has a more flexible property to it for face the main frame is quite rigid due to the lens design. The smaller red tabs on the main frame are either latches or buttons of some sort that would allow the outriggers to swivel and release the lens.

Based off rumors we heard months ago, Ken Roczen will officially debut the goggle at A1 along with some other changes related to the Fox brand. Until then, we don't have any ideas on pricing or options for the goggles but if they do launch the goggle in conjunction with the first round of Supercross, we expect it to be like Fox's other LE launches...meaning there will be full info and even the possibility of limited product available at that time. Beyond that, we wouldn't be surprised to see some of Fox's other head-to-toe athletes to rock the new goggle at Anaheim 1; such as Dean Wilson and Josh Hansen, followed up by Tim Gajser and Hunter Lawrence when the MXGP series kicks off a couple months later.

Want to see Ken ripping it up in these new goggles? Click here: Raw Video: Ken Roczen Returns to Supercross.


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