Scene Check: Endurocross 5

With round two of the '18 Endurocross season only a short distance from the Vital MX HQ, we had to stop by. It was definitely worth the trip.

Scene Check: Endurocross

Usually, when you head to the oval inside the Orange County Fairgrounds, it's for speedway motorcycle racing. But with a Sand Sports show on site for the same weekend, there was a great crowd already on hand.

All smiles. Colton Haaker and Cody Webb have quite the on-track rivalry, but they were all smiles before the start of the night's action.

Hit any Endurocross, and we guarantee you'll see more brands on the track than you're used to. Sure, you get all the normal big six, but you'll also see lots of smaller brands, like TM, Beta, Sherco, GasGas, and more.

Destry Abbott scored the win in the Vet class. He's still killing it.

There used to be a separate demo class for ebikes. Not anymore. Ty Tremaine is racing the big boy EX class on an Alta...and looking really good.

The top guys make the near-impossible look disgustingly easy. The way they navigate stuff like this rock garden is amazing, and they were doubling through some bigger sections.

With Max Gerston on the sidelines due to a hand injury, Benjamin Herrera, filled in. The lanky Chilean finished sixth in the evening's main event.

Does charging into obstacles like this seem like a good idea to you? If yes, then you might just be a good candidate for Endurocross.

The head-to-head bracket races offered up some really cool action for a chance to earn an additional championship point for the winner.

Colton Haaker easily advanced to the finals.

It was interesting watching Ty Tremaine nearly silently whir his way through a round or two before getting beaten.

Cody Webb and Geoff Aaron going at it.

The final in this one came down to Cody Webb and Colton Haaker. Colton won this time around.

Kacy Martinez (469) took the win at round one of the series, with Shelby Turner (1) grabbing the second.

Shelby had just returned from a tib/fib injury, and grabbed the win this time around.

You never know who you're going to see at these events. Over on the far right? That's Jaryd McNeil giving EX a try.


When the gate dropped for the EX main, Ty Tremaine grabbed the holeshot on his Alta. Colton Haaker didn't get a great start, but had a decent position for making moves as they headed into the first turn.

Cody Webb quickly took over the lead, and it wasn't long before Haaker was hot on his tail. Shane Shaefer had a supporting role for the log that marked the inside of this turn.

Cody wasn't quite at 100 percent here, and Colton got by.

The No Joke lane was...well, no joke. A K rail into a log pit, with a couple big logs on the way out. Riders had to do this at least once during each race. Geoff Aaron demonstrates.

Colton Haaker was the big winner this week. There are rounds in Reno, Denver, Everett, and Nampa between now and early November. If there's one in your area, check it out. We think you'll be impressed.

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