Hometown: Easton, PA.

Currently reside in: Menifee, CA.

Amateur accomplishments: My amateur accomplishments on paper are very brief, it consisted of a lot of practice, dreaming, and visualization. I never raced any amateur nationals but I was always on a bike riding and racing local motocross events.

Pro achievements: A few highlights in my professional career so far would be Spring Creek in 2012, where I finished 11th place in moto two, and this season in Supercross when I was so close to main events. I had two third place LCQ races in Toronto and Vegas, as well as a few more close races that made it interesting. My average results in the pro ranks overall have been mediocre on a scale not considering my resources and where I have come from, but taking that into account I am proud of myself. With the people that I have in my circle, I now have the resources to take the step to the next level. The best way I could describe it is like a bicycle, you need to have all the components to successfully get where you want to be. Unfortunately in a sport that is very involved with equipment, physical and mental strength, health, traveling, etc., it makes a big difference when you either have or don’t have these factors. I feel like I’ve always had a bicycle frame but was missing pedals, or a chain connecting the two sprockets, or a front wheel. If you're lucky enough to have all the pieces come together at one time, that is when you progress to the top level of the sport.

First bike: I started racing on a Zinger quad, but my first bike was a KX 60 when I was ten years old.

In my first race, I... In my first race, I didn’t understand the concept of what I was doing and didn’t stay on the track. My parents also told me I flipped the quad, so I don’t think it was very fun. Shortly after that I must of gotten bitten my the bug because my earliest memories of racing are all positive and fun ones.


Why do I ride? What is it about motocross that gets me fired up? I don’t know exactly why riding is so addicting but I love it for multiple reasons. It is just so cool how you can take a motorcycle and do the things we do on them. I ride because I have a lot of friends in the community, my family rides, and it’s a great stress reliever. I race because I have more to accomplish.

If I'm not riding, I'm probably: If I’m not riding, you can find me doing just about anything depending on my environment. Being a privateer you have to be a jack of all trades whether that means making money or managing your racing. I can wear many hats decently including mechanic, cooking, and training. For fun I like to be outdoors and hanging out with friends. Lately here in California my body has been so sore and tired from riding and training that when I have time, I lay on my bed like a bum and do nothing at all. You could add me to the category of a total bum at certain times on the week too! Haha!

I'm currently driving: I am currently driving my E150 Ford Van!

Dream vehicle: I would like a nice truck when I’m done traveling with racing, but I am undecided which one I like most.

Musical tastes include: Country, Country, and Country.


My five must-have apps: Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, Wells Fargo, Pnc Apps

Three web sites I can't do without: My online banking sites, making sure I don’t go belly up. I like to stay connected to home and with my friends on Facebook.

If I were the King of Motocross, I'd change it by... If I were the King of motocross I would change the whole sport! Starting at the amateur level I wouldn’t have so much emphasis on the nationals, which is not safe. Waiting all day and going out for a four lap sprint race on a track that you aren’t familiar with since you were out there three hours and fifteen motos ago. Then you get judged on your results and it doesn’t seem very healthy. Oh yeah, and the fact that your family has to refinance their house to pay for it. It seems there is more tension and stress in amateur racing then professional, although I really don’t know because I never really did it. That is just me looking in as an outsider. In the pro ranks I would distribute the purse money more evenly so more guys trying to make it can have a shot even if they don’t have a lot of outside support.

Something to make the sport safer would be: If you were to make the professional ranks more lucrative all the way back, it wouldn’t put as much pressure on amateurs and the current pros. There is such a small number of people that make good money at it that you have to push so hard and leave it all out on the table at all time the way it is now. 

My hidden talent is: My hidden talent is cooking, well actually it’s not really hidden so I guess I don’t have one. How lame am I?

Something that people might not know about me: I have a sister currently serving our country in Afghanistan, and she’s my hero.


If I weren't racing I'd probably: If I wasn’t so involved with racing I would be in school for exercise science, which is in the plans.

You can find me @... Yes, please follow me because I am totally unpopular on twitter! Haha
Facebook. Ronnie Stewart RSR Racing
Twitter. @rstewart606
Instagram. @RSTEWART606

Gotta thank: I gotsta gotta got to thank DirtCandy Graphics,, ISC Racers Tape, Gardner Race Services, Hellbound Racing, LVHN, Rekluse, KSR Wheels, Yoshimura, Cernics, Bel Ray, Troy Lee Designs, Spy, my FAMILY, friends and coach Billy Laninovich.

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